Knowing I was going out to lunch yesterday with my bosses, to keep the birthday calories to  a minimum, I had another breakfast parfait.  Did you know that 1 tsp. of brown sugar has zero points?  I sauteed apples and banans in 1 tsp. of brown sugar sprayed with Pam, then layered my Honey Chobani (4) with the apples and bananas (0) with 1/3 cup of granola (3).

We went to a place called Millrose that had outdoor seating.  So weird that on March 20 we were sitting outside like it was the middle of summer – the temps were in the mid-80’s!  I am the queen of scoping out menus before eating out.  Tony always shakes his head when I do. šŸ˜€  But here’s how my mind works.  I first look over the menu to see what the healthy options are.  At first glance I thought “I could have the shrimp cocktail with a side of seasonal vegetables.”  But then I look at the sandwiches and see they have a trio of mini sliders – meatball, pulled bbq pork and a cheddar burger.  YUM!  The Angel Biz is sitting on one shoulder telling me I should get the healthy option, while The Devil Biz on the other shoulder kept saying “get the mini sliders – you love pulled pork and balls!”

In the end I somewhat compromised, although when I came back and put my lunch into eTools, my turkey burger and 1/3 of the fries I ate came in at 15 points. šŸ™   I didn’t have my camera with me and my blackberry picks didn’t turn out – thanks Google images!  It was a nice, relaxing lunch and we were gone nearly two hours.  Let’s just say your afternoon goes by a bit faster after a 2 hour lunch!  And they got me a gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond – I love that store! šŸ˜€

It’s funny but when I work out, I seem to make better choices initially.  But later in the day I’ll think “hey, I just biked 9 miles, I’ll have a few handfuls of Cheez-Itz!”  I haven’t worked out sincelast Fridayand I am beginning to feel sluggish because of it.

Since I had so much flank steak leftover from my birthday dinner, I decided to make a taco salad with baby tacos.  I just chopped up some flank steak and heated it up with some taco seasoning.  My plate: spinach salad with cilantro, carrots, cucumbers (0) with dressing that was 1 tablespoon ranch (1), 1 tablespoon taco sauce (0) and 1 tablespoon salsa (0).  Then my baby tacos were three mini corn tortillas (3), 3 ounces of flank steak (3), 1 slice of American cheese divided between the three tacos (2), taco sauce (0) and sliced jalapenos (0).  The tacos were cooked in a touch of olive oil, so I am counting 1 point for the oil – all together this plate came in at 9 points.

So after dinner I’d already calculated that I’d had 33 points.  While Hannah and I were catching up on last weeks Biggest Loser, I decided “what the hell, I’ve already had 33 points, I may as well have some cheese and crackers!”  I stopped myself after 5 points.  WTF?   Just as I am capable of continuing to make good choices, the opposite is also true, so I need to nip this in the bud.  Today is Wednesday, I have 3 days to kick it into gear before Saturday’s WI.  Cheerleaders are welcome! šŸ˜€

Don’t forget this weeks BSI is Breakfast!  Leave me a link to a breakfast recipe, or email me the link at  If you don’t have a blog you can just send me the recipe to my email address and I’ll post it for you.  This week’s prize is Emeril Lagasse’s Farm to Fork Cookbook:

Does anyone still have leftover corned beef?  Check out this recipe for a Reuben Puff Redux – blogger Bonnie got this from an old Chicago Tribune article.  I don’t like mayo but may sub in some Greek yogurt – they look amazing!

Alright my gym clothes are packed and I am just about to put my food together for the day – all healthy and delicious.  I wish the devil Biz would just stay off my shoulder! šŸ˜€