Once a year my gym offers members a full fitness evaluation.  I scheduled my appointment probably six weeks ago and it was this morning.

The take measurements, weight, body fat percentage, fitness treadmill test and a basal metobolic rate.

I didn’t make it to WW today, but with a pair of light sweats and a t-shirt, I weighed in at exactly 160.0.

The results?


I am in the poor range.  The reason?  My blood pressure was high:  160 over 93 and my RESTING heart rate was 98!  She almost didn’t want me to do treadmill test.  And my waist to hip ratio is .92 – and anything over .85 is considered high risk.  All my fat is in my belly. šŸ™

Body fat percentage?

The good news?

I am in the “excellent” range for my cardio respiratory fitness!  She wants me to check with my doctor to double check my blood pressure numbers and my heart rate.

She also did a base metabolic rate test.  I sat with a mask on for 15 minutes.  Your Basal Metabolic Rate is the number of calories you’d burn if you stayed in bed all day.  My number?  2048!  I think that is super high – what do you guys think?  I am hoping Nicole and Aimee will chime in with their thoughts!

I’ll quickly show you my eats from yesterday – breakfast: 1/2 a jalapeno bagel with egg white and pineapple.

I went on a run at lunch even though the weather said this:

But it was bright and sunny!  I got lost though!  Tree trimmers blocked my normal path and I had to cut into a subdivision.  I finally made my way out and when I got back to my desk I mapped my run and I ran 2.88 miles in 33 minutes. šŸ˜€

I didn’t bring a lunch so I went to Jimmy John’s and got the Vito as an unwich.  When I got back to work I chopped it up and added red pepper and baby spinach.  It was so good!

Then Tony made dinner . . . hooters shrimp!  These are completely addicting.

He added sriracha to my buffalo sauce – so spicy delicious!

Have you guys ever had your fitness evaluated?

Alright – its already after 1:00 and I haven’t done any chores yet!  Gotta get moving.

Day #3 Awkward Family Photo!  Enjoy your Saturday!