Work is getting super busy.  I am pretty much non-stop all day, so my little breaks here and there to check in on you is going to be gone for the next couple weeks.  I’ll try to stop by when I can, but just wanted to let you guys know my blog reading/commenting is going to be fewer and farther between. šŸ™

I actually love being busy doing something constructive.  The days of standing in front of the copier all day make up for helping my boss prepare for trial.  As Tony will attest, I leave all of my organization skillz at work and don’t bring any of that home! šŸ˜€

I tried another almond flour pumpkin pancake recipe – I am going back to the drawing board on this one – that batter was too thick, slightly gummy – but I did like the apple cinnamon coconut syrup – tasted like apple pie!

I haven’t run the numbers for any of my meals yesterday either! šŸ˜€

Sorry for the horrible picture too – I took exactly two pictures and that was the best of them. šŸ˜€

I had leftover butternut squash soup, sans the shrimp and a grilled chicken salad on the side –  this was a filling lunch!

I thought I might have to work late last night, but I didn’t.  Driving home I could not remember what I had on the menu.  I walked in the door, looked at my menu planner and saw “bacon wrapped scallops.”  Only one problem – I didn’t have any scallops.  The store Tony and I went to didn’t have any scallops, but I thought I’d pick some up later in the week but completely forgot.

So Tony came up with Plan B!  Bacon wrapped shrimp!  Salt and pepper shrimp, wrap each one in 1/2 a piece of bacon, brush with a touch of teriyaki sauce and bake at 425 for 10-15 minutes, or until bacon is cooked.

On the side I knew I wanted stir fry veggies, but wanted to make a more “Paleo” sauce.  In a pan I squeezed the juice of one orange, zested about 1/2 an inch of fresh ginger, added 1/3 cup of beef broth, and 1 teaspoon of this product:  gochujang.  I always think of Sophia when I see this in my fridge!

The result?  I very light and spicy broth to pour over my shrimp and veggies – it was delicious!

I worked through lunch so I never got any exercise in.  It was technically a rest or light cardio day, but I missed Monday’s workout and was going to sneak it in.  Today I have to go into work early and may have to work late – fingers crossed I don’t though!

Stats for Wednesday?

  • average blood sugar 134

That’s the only stat I have!  Hope you have a great day!