How many of you watched any 9/11 shows yesterday?  I had seen it before, but watched the 9/11 documentary that two frenchmen made.  They were following a rookie firefighter in Ladder 1 and just happened to be there on that fateful day.

It still doesn’t seem real to me that it even happened.  9/11 is one of the reasons I don’t work in downtown Chicago anymore.  I am pretty sure if there are terrorist attacks again, they aren’t going to target a far suburb of Chicago.

I had just gotten to my desk at 9:00 that day, and since my office at the time was on Michigan Avenue across from the Wrigley building and just south of the John Hancock building, within 20 minutes they evacuated our building.  It was a sea of humanity getting back to the train station.  My typical train commute was one hour, but that day it took me 5 hours to get home because all the trains were so full and it made every single stop.

So maybe it wasn’t a total coincidence that I had comfort food on the brain.  This recipe is from October’s Food Network magazine (can’t find the link online) I found it – here’s the recipe!  I made a few changes – I used prepared pie crusts, and for some reason their recipe didn’t call for potatoes – I’ve never had a pot pie without potatoes, so I added them.

The best part is that I started out with an already cooked rotisserie chicken.  I normally don’t buy them, but when I realized the cooked version was only .75 cents more than the raw chicken, I saved a step.

After I picked off all the meat, I threw the skin and bones into the chicken broth and let it simmer for 45 minutes before straining it – holy cow was this broth flavorful!  The best part was that Tony loved it!  He liked something I made šŸ˜€

About half of my potatoes were heart shaped. šŸ˜€

I didn’t add the peas until I put the pot pie in the oven.

That picture was taken this morning – and it’s cold from the fridge – sadly it’s dark already by dinnertime and the pictures I took last night looked like ass.  But boy, this is one delicious pot pie!

It’s supposed to get to the mid-80’s today, so I think I am going to bike ride.  What’s on tap for your exercise today?

Check out all my Holiday Challengers – so many people to cheer each other on – love it!  Let’s make it a great day. šŸ˜€