I’ve been working on this never ending project at work – so much so that I barely went online all day – so I was so happy to see that so many people would come to my rescue and help me kick some serious ass to some a-hole teenagers!  And I love that a bunch of you are not afraid to use foul language! 😀  I normally swear like a truck drive, but for respect of my Mom and MIL, I try to keep it at a minimum. 😀

For the record, here was my running outfit (um, sans the flip flops!)

Yep, I am still rocking the farmers tan from Hannah’s graduation last year. 🙁

I love exercise TV – I literally have at least 100 different workouts to choose from, but the one I did yesterday was called 10 pounds slim down total body.  It was 25 minutes long, and holy cow it was intense.  I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but Tony sets the central air at 79 degrees overnight – so when I was doing my workout it was as if I was in a hot yoga room – felt good though!  Lot’s of lunges which I am not usually a fan of, but kicked my butt.

When we were at the grocery store last weekend, Tony picked up these Eggo Muffins – they were whole grain – I thought maybe they would be 2 points each, but they were 6 points for 2, but still worth it.  I made an egg sammie with ham and cheese and an egg and blueberries and grapes on the side – breakfast comes in at 11 points.

The weather was so perfect yesterday – 77 degrees, big puffy clouds.  I hadn’t ridden my bike in a while since I’ve been loving running, so I headed out for an 8 mile ride at lunch – let’s just say I am a bit less sweaty when I ride the bike.  And I could feel my legs from all the lunges I did in the morning – took me about a mile to loosen up, but it was a great ride.

I had a chicken “taco” salad.  Not really – it was 5 ounces of chicken breast with romaine, carrots, light ranch dressing mixed with taco sauce, a little bit of cheese and cherry peppers.  This whole bowl was only 7 points.

I love getting mail and when I got home there was an envelope from Rachel, one of our 101 Days of Summer challengers.  She sent me a page from Rachael Ray’s magazine (probably the one cooking magazine I don’t get!) because it was all about the chiles!  I am definitely making the shrimp curry dish and southwest meatballs for my lunch next week – thanks for thinking of me Rachel! 😀

I have no idea how the onions got scratched out of either of these recipes. 😀  I love it when readers send me emails with Reuben recipes (thanks Krista!) or tell me they were at the store and saw hot sauce and thought of me. 😀

Because my lunch was so light, I was hungry when I got home.  I had deli roast beef so decided to make beef sandwiches.  I like to have these gravy/sauce mixes on hand – I usually stock up when they are 10 for $10.

My 14 point dinner with a serving of tots:

I am so excited because I get to see my step-son Joe today!  He and his fiance came in from Texas earlier in the week and we are having a bbq tomorrow – his fiance Lizz hasn’t met Tony’s sisters family yet. 

Not only am I having a bbq, but I need to cook up my SIL’s lunches for the next week and my friend and co-worker is having surgery next week, so I am making her husband some homemade frozen pizzas to help them out – so I am going to be Bizzy in my Kitchen and that couldn’t make me happier. 😀

Stats for the Day:

  • 34 points
  • 25 minute total body workout
  • 50 minute 8 mile bike at lunch
  • average blood sugar 121

Time to get ready for work – seriously thank you for all your wonderful comments yesterday – it really made my day!  And Tony gave me extra hugs when I got home and told me I was beautiful.  Love!