Our local grocery store sells THE BEST focacchia (sp?) bread I’ve ever had.  Flavorful, the bread is light and there is a bit of a crunch to the crust.  And about every other week they sell some varieties for .99 each!  (normally $3).

My breakfast was so good – 2 ounce of pepperoni focacchia bread, 1/4 cup egg beaters, 1 ounce of ham – I cooked the eggs at home and then assembled the sammie at work and put it in my office toaster oven for about 10 minutes at 350 – the bread got all nice and crunchy and the pepperoni on top got crisp – love!  Breakfast comes in at 9 points.

insert picture of breakfast

I checked the weather report to decide what I was going to do.  It said 82 and it felt like 84.  I decided I would start out walking, and then depending on how hot it was, start to jog.  I find comfort on a treadmill because I can monitor the pace – being outside is a whole different ball of wax.

So I took Helen’s advice, and forced myself to go slow – I could always speed up.  And guess what?  It worked!  I am a runner who needs to run about 15 minutes before I feel good – before then, I want to just stop.  I also found two other things helped – I turned my iPod up just a touch more so I couldn’t hear myself breathe, and I started out listening to slower songs.  I never realized how music effected my speed of running!

And I usually run looking down for some reason, and I looked up and just kept my eyes forward and that changed my perspective greatly – not sure why?  Rookie mistake?  I forgot to bring water.  By the time I got back, I went on weather.com and the temps had jumped to 86. 

I ran 3.2 miles in 40 minutes – not too bad because of the heat – with a warm up and cool down it was 50 minutes.  And my face was beat red when I got back to my desk.  I think most people thought I was going to pass out – but that’s just what happens to me. šŸ˜€

My boss brought me some of these Playtex Sports Wipes (I think maybe I was offensive getting back to my office after biking and running?) from her daughters volleyball camp – they were handing them out to all the girls.  I love them.  You can wipe your whole body down, its not to flowery smelling and it literally dries up the sweat.  She only gave me a few, so I need to find out where to buy them.

I tried some of the K.C. Masterpiece Buffalo sauce to make buffalo chicken and spinach tacos for lunch – these were so good – glad I only made 3 because I was really hungry when I got back from my run.

  • 3 corn tortillas (3 pts.)
  • 3 ounces chicken (3 pts.)
  • buffalo sauce (I am counting as zero as its only 10 calories a tablespoon)
  • cup of baby spinach (which really wilted down after the reheat in the toaster oven at work)
  • 1 tsp. of olive oil/Pam to fry them up (which I did at home and reheated at work

With a side of fruit – lunch comes in at 7 points – not bad.

I had some last minute things to pick up for my office Friday grill.  Since its the Friday before 4th of July, I am going with an all-American theme, with a couple twists.  I am making a white bean baked bean recipe with Blue Moon beer, and a potato salad with soft tofu mixed with the mayo part – hope none of my co-workers read this before lunch!  Then cheeseburgers and Coney Island hot dogs – I’ll post all the recipes tomorrow.  (only the potato salad is truly not a bad choice!)

It just so happens that the grocery store I was shopping at was right next to our favorite Chinese food place, so I picked up sesame beef for Tony and beef and broccoli for me.  I went to the WW “cheat sheet” to see what are better choices at Chinese restaurants and was shocked that a cup of beef and broccoli is only 4 points – do you think that’s too low?

I ended up having a cup of the beef and broccoli over 1 cup of rice, for 9 points.  I had plenty of points going into dinner, so I am not too worried if I underestimated the points. 

Stats for Thursday

  • 24 points (um, maybe a few cocktails later in the evening?!)
  • 50 minute workout at lunch, 40 minute run, 10 minute warm-up/cool-down
  • average blood sugar 129

Does everyone have a 3 day weekend?  Come back tomorrow for my weekly WI – I swear to God if it says -.6 again I’ll flip out! (well, not really, but it WOULD be weird to have that same loss for the fifth week in a row!)

And I just wanted to ask if you could give a couple bloggers some virtual hugs this weekend – first is Teale, who recently lost her Mom, and is struggling to figure out her life without her.

Next is Michelle of Big Black Dogs – she made the most delicious artisan breads, jams, jellies and other canned goodies.  She actually lives not too far from me, though we have never met.  Turns out her husband is diabetic, and we sent emails back and forth about handling the disease when we first “met.”  Sadly her husband died suddenly in May, and she too is struggling to find her way without him.

So keep your head up today and make it a great one!