I had such a busy day yesterday, but whenever I had a comment that said “go weigh in, face the music, be responsible, etc. etc.” it made my decision clear to just go in and weigh, and if I gained, that would give me the necessary motivation to stay on track this week.

Well guess what?  I am a loser!

It’s only .6, but I’ll take it.  Considering I didn’t track over the Memorial Day weekend, I didn’t get to work out at all Thursday and Friday, I think I did pretty good.

And guess what gave me more motivation at my meeting?  A woman in our group just hit her 90 pound weight loss goal today.  When the leader asked her how she did it, she said, “just stick with it” and you’ll get the results.  I truly believe WW is a lifestyle, not a diet.  Another thing our leader says all the time is that if you work the plan a little, you lose a little.  If you work the plan a lot, you lose a lot.

Thanks for pushing me to go, I am motivated to have a great week.  I have only 1.4 to go to lose 17 pounds, which is my 10% goal!  I wonder if I get something for my keychain for 10%?

Since it was a short week, I plan on updating the 101 Days of Summer page tomorrow, then checking in with everyone during the week to do our first weekly update next Sunday.

Off to menu plan and grocery shop with my Tony – he’s doing great by the way! 

Hugs and thanks! 

Biz šŸ˜€

p.s.  Thanks Rachel for being me email cheerleader this morning! šŸ˜€