Hannah called me before lunch yesterday to tell me that she got called into work last night and wasn’t able to hang out with me.  She was so upset – but luckily the people she babysits for on Thursday nights is out of town this week, so we will hang out tonight. 😀

I didn’t have time to stop by and pick up a deluxe bagel for bagel Wednesday, so it was a frozen bagel with 1/4 cup egg beaters, slice of ham and a slice of swiss cheese – with a deliciously juicy pear on the side.  Breakfast comes in at 9 PointsPlus.

I got my 50 minute walk in at lunch.  I had another favorite for lunch today – my Thai Basil Chicken in Baked Wonton Cups.  This plate was only 8 points, and I had an apple later in the afternoon.

So I called Tony in the afternoon and asked if he wanted a date night. 😀  We decided to go to Friday’s because the food is decent, I had a $5 off coupon and a gift card to use.  When I went online to find nutritional info, they don’t really have it for the food in the restaurant.  Although they do have a “right portion, right price” menu.  Guess what the right portion is?  Each right portion menu item is under 750 calories.  Really?  They think 750 calories is a right portion?

I forgot my camera, which I think subconsiously changed my decision of what I was going to get.  I was going to get the Key West shrimp – grilled shrimp with a veggie rice and steamed broccoli.  Instead I got:

  • Turkey burger with pepper jack cheese = 11 PointsPlus
  • Sweet Potato Fries: 4 PointsPlus
  • Two Michelob Ultra Bottles: 7 PointsPlus
  • Two glasses of wine at home: 7 PointsPlus

If you are adding correctly, you will see that I had my daily 29 points just for dinner!  But I am okay with this.  Does anyone remember the “Wendy Plan” in the old WW days?  This woman Wendy had a theory – she took her point allotment for the week – let’s use the 29 points as an example.  That would be 203 points for the week (not including the flex points).

She would alter the number of points she ate – so one day it might be 17 points, the next day it might be 30 points – just as long as she kept the total to 203 points for the week – she almost always had a loss.  Her theory was that by changing it up and not having exactly 29 points every day, her body had to keep thinking on its toes. 

So even with my 29 point dinner, I still have 32 flex points for the week, and I’ve earned 12 activity points.  It’s all good!  And, by the way, the Turkey Burger at Friday’s is really good – just ask for sliced jalapenos on the side! 😀

Top Five Reasons My Husband Thought I Was A Lesbian:

  1. I played field hockey.
  2. I threw the shot put in high school.
  3. I was on a bowling league.
  4. I play softball . . .and
  5. I listen to Indigo Girls!

My commute is much longer to work, so I’ve been enjoying listening to music on my way to work.  Look how old school I am . . . I still have the cassette tape!

So if you live in the NW suburbs of Chicago, and hear a woman singing “Closer To Fine” really loud, it will probably be me. 😀

Have a great Thursday!