My parents-in-law are in town for Easter weekend.  They picked up Tony and then headed in the direction of my new office to have lunch with me.  Just before I left, I got a text from one of my WW buddies at my old office.  When I left on Monday I saw that she had a couple of my lunches (a soup and something else – can’t remember!) that hadn’t been eaten yet.

I look at my phone and it says:

I have officially eaten my last Biz lunch.  The experience was wonderful with a dark cloud of sadness hovering.  Thank you for all the love and effort you put into every meal.  I washed my dish and had no where to bring it  . . .

It actually almost brought tears to my eyes – I miss my friends so much!

Literally a minute from my new office is the Lucky Monk.  Tony and I have been there lots of times – my MIL ordered a portabello mushroom burger with smothered onions.  She joked at me about it with all the onions – I actually took a taste of the mushroom part and it wasn’t bad – I think I need to give portabella mushrooms another chance.

I got a turkey burger – probably one of the best I’ve ever had – it was moist, flavorful and juicy.  I had it with a slice of pepper jack cheese – I had a few of the fries – my guess is the burger is 11 points and the fries I ate were 4, so lunch comes in at 15 points.

My parents-in-law treated too – thanks Carl and Bonnie!

We had kind of a late lunch, so when I got home I just put some baked potatoes in the oven, grabbed a glass of wine and just hung out with Tony.  He didn’t have much of an appetite for dinner, but I already had planned to cook a steak.  I used a new dry rub that Rachel sent to me (she’s back to blogging so check her out!) from North Carolina.  I loved it!  Had a nice spicy kick to it.  I sprinkled it on the meat about 15 minutes before grilling it.

This was a 1.3 pound steak.  I grilled it 4 minutes on each side, then 3 minutes each side, let it rest for 10 minutes and then sliced it up. 

My plate – and after Tony smelled the steak, he ended up having 1/2 a potato and a piece of steak – it was cooked perfectly if I do say so myself. šŸ˜€

I am still trying to find my prom pictures to send to Shelley.  But I thought for this Flashback Friday, Nicole could appreciate this picture – she and I went to the same high school (I’ll neglect the fact that I think I graduated 15 years before her though!) and Jacky went there too

My Dad came to almost every single sporting event I had in high school – field hockey in the fall, indoor track in the winter, outdoor track in the spring and softball in the summer.  Most of the time he was embarrassing, but in hind sight he was so supportive and without him, I would have pictures like the one below – I give you 1983 Biz:

What a crazy week I’ve had.  I am glad I have today off, and am looking forward to being Bizzy in the Kitchen this weekend – I am having 11 people for Easter. šŸ˜€  I am just hoping that the sun will show up some time this weekend – I am getting tired of the rain.

I am off to the gym for my last chance workout before my WI tomorrow – I am contemplating just going but not getting on the scale – I haven’t worked out once this whole week! 

Happy Friday and I hope you have a great weekend – you still have time to enter my latest giveaway – I’ll pick a winner on Monday. šŸ˜€