Wow, thanks to everyone who donated for our Altzheimer’s charity walk on Sunday!  My goal was to raise $100, and I raised $175 $185 $200 $225 $230 so far!   Thanks to these wonderful people – if you haven’t checked out their blogs yet, you need to!

I hope I didn’t miss anyone!  Breakfast and lunch were repeats from earlier in the week – my beloved egg  sammie with apple slices:

433 calories, 65 carbs, 21 protein, 14.3 fat and 24 fiber
green pepper quesadilla

And the last of my tortilla soup!

522 calories, 60 carbs, 34 protein, 19.9 fat and 18.1 fiber

I planned on going to the gym, but it was so nice outside, I took a 50 minute walk.  It’s been so long since I’ve walked by my office – I actually missed it!

this is the path by my office to get to the road

Since I walked farther than I normally do, I came across a farm that had horses.  I walked over to the fence and said “Hi Horsies!” and they came running over to me!  Sadly I didn’t have anything to feed them!

I thought this was a cool picture – it kinda looks like a horse has two heads!

I ended up making lasagna for dinner – but I did it in two parts.  The night before last, I mixed together my cottage cheese mixture – 3 cups cottage cheese, 3 eggs, parsley and pepper and just kept that in the fridge.

Then I browned 1/2 pound of Italian sausage and mixed that with my homemade marinara.

I normally would have put the whole thing together that night, except I was out of lasagna noodles!  But putting it together last night was pretty quick.

bake at 375 for 50 minutes

with a slice of garlic bread, dinner comes in at 670 calories, 96 carbs, 33 protein, 17 fat and 10 fiber - totally worth it! 😀

Stats for Thursday

  • 1625 calories, 221 carbs, 88 protein, 51 fat, a whopping 52 grams of fiber!
  • 50 minute power walk

Gotta love short work weeks – hooray for Friday!  Maybe I can talk Tony into party pizza Friday? 😀