I wanted to cut and paste Tony’s comment yesterday in case you didn’t see it:

Mr. Biz (Tony) says:

I cry during important things. I cry when Rudy sacks the QB, and when Jimmy Stewart comes home and his family knows him. I cried when the stupid packers won the stupid Superbowl (dammit). I cried when my son was born (and not just because his testicles were bigger than mine), and I cried when he ran away to Texas. I cried when my beloved White Sox won the World Series!!

I do not cry when some idiot drops weight, or when some singer dazzles the judges. I don’t cry when my PMS is raging.

Mostly, I will not cry about cancer of the ass. That lets the cancer think it is winning.

I loved it!  Oh, and he also cries at Brian’s Song – the story about the football player Brian Piccalo?  Actually, I cry watching that movie too! 😀

I felt like oats for breakfast yesterday – these kept me full for hours – 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 banana, 1 oz. raisins and 1/2 oz. of sun flower seeds for a bit of crunch, and 1/8 cup sugar free pancake syrup drizzled over the top.  7 Points.

after Smucker's, this is my second favorite sugar free syrup

I ended up not working out yesterday – one of the secretaries was out sick and I had to cover for her three attorneys and I had to cover the front desk.  My lunch was simple and delicious though!  2 corn tortillas, 2 tablespoons refried beans, 2 oz. chicken, 1/2 green pepper, 1 oz. cheese and taco sauce.  I fried them in 1 tsp. of oil so they were nice and crunchy.

8 Points

I had defrosted 1/2 a pork roast that was in the freezer – its from Sam’s club and it has chopped bacon on top – it always turns out so juicy.  I, of course, had to spice it up with some buffalo wing sauce 😀  It wasn’t until I downloaded my pictures this morning that I realized what was missing from my dinner plate.  Vegetables!  Guess where they were?  In my microwave this morning!  Dinner, without veggies, comes in at 9 points.

Since Tony is going to be in the hospital on Valentine’s Day, we are going to celebrate it on Saturday night.  On the menu?

Ina Garten’s Bay Scallop Gratin: (picture source)

Filet Mignon with Mushroom Sauce: (picture source)

And for dessert:  Wedding Cake! (picture source)

A while back I won Veronica of Recipe Rhapsody‘s giveaway for something called creme bouquet that is the secret ingredient in wedding cake frosting.  Seriously, if you open the bottle of this stuff, it smells like wedding cake!  Although my cake is going to be a lot smaller – and it’s going to be chocolate fudge with a white cream cheese frosting.  Yep, I am deeming that insulin worthy!

Thanks again for all your sweet comments and emails – we appreciate it!  This weekend should be interesting.  Tony stops taking blood thinners tonight and we go to the hospital on Sunday to check is blood levels – if it’s below a certain number he will be admitted then, but most definitely he will be admitted on Monday for Tuesday’s surgery.  Hannah doesn’t have school on Tuesday so she’ll be there, and my Mom and SIL will be there too, so we’ll have a great support system.

Enjoy your weekend!  Come back Monday for a recap of our V-Day dinner! 😀