When my Mom asked my sister and I back in November if we’d like to see the new Riverdance show in Chicago for our birthday, we both immediately said yes!  What I didn’t think of at the time was that I would be headed down to Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  Luckily I got down there after the parade, but I have a feeling some people started drinking a tad early that day.  I saw a group of girls, some that didn’t even look old enough to drink, stumbling back to the train station – and it was only 1:30 in the afternoon!

Heartbeat of Home was amazing.  The dancing was amazing, the musicians were fantastic.  I was so impressed with how many different instruments these musicians played.  It went by in a flash even though it was over two hours long.

PicMonkey Collage eat 2

It’s still cold here – luckily it was in the 30s on Saturday because I walked from the train station to the theater.  We had plans to go to Eataly afterwards.  I’ve been dying to go to that place ever since I heard it open.  Um, turns out the place is a tiny bit popular!

PicMonkey Collage eat 1

Oh my gosh.  So much to see in that place!  Artisan cheese makers, a butcher shop, groceries, and several restaurants.  A few we took off the list because they were too expensive.  The others?  Um, let’s say an hour and a half wait for a table!  I was already taking the 6:30 train home, so that wasn’t going to work out.  So we ended up going to California Pizza Kitchen and had green beer and pizza.

PicMonkey Collage eat 3

I realized that I’ll have to come back and spend several hours there, and on a weekday not a weekend.  I love the concept though!  Oh, and that picture above of “Miley?”  My daughter-in-law saw her on Saturday night in San Antonio and thought it was an awesome concert.  The breakfast tacos were made by Tony for my breakfast/lunch yesterday – so good!  Thanks Mom for the show and dinner – and Jenn, it was great to see you!

As I walked back to the train station, I saw people puking in garbage cans, stumbling – people sleeping at the train station.  This one young couple?  The guy was eating a handful of Dunkin Donut Munchkins while his girlfriend puked in the box – nice!  Note to self – stay away from Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day weekend!  But that wasn’t all.  Right before my stop, a kid jumped from the top of the train to jump on some kid, and in the process hit his head on the luggage rack – girls crying everywhere trying to get security – so nuts!

On Saturday since Tony was home, he filled up my car and decided to pick up something for lunch.    I was going to meet him at a bar right across the train station when I got home from Chicago.  Here is his story:

I don’t get it!

Can somebody explain the Chick-fil-a restaurant?

Some time ago one of these opened near us. Many years ago I was in Atlanta on a business trip, and on the way home I stopped off at an old timey looking Chick-fil-a. I sat at the counter and ordered from the server (Lets call her Flo) their signature chicken sandwich. It was a fried breaded filet with two pickles on it. Not flavorful or memorable, just a boring chicken sandwich.

When the restaurant opened near us you couldn’t get near the place it was packed. Several months ago Biz brought some home…guess what same thing BORING.

So it’s Saturday and I went to fill Biz’s car with gas. I was hungry and saw the Portillo’s sign. For those of you that are unfamiliar they offer something that is a Chicago specialty. “The Italian Beef”. I am not a particularly religious man, but I do feel as though divine intervention played a role in making this sandwich.

OK, another Tony thing. I hate lines!

As I take a look at Portillo’s I see a very long line to get to the drive in. (In the summer they employ and ingenious way with several people outside to make the line move faster than any other drive through. As it is winter they are not doing that). I panicked and went to Chick-fil-a.

It was horrible! I ordered chicken strips. They tasted like very old oil and onion rings…yuck. To add insult to injury three strips, fries and a small diet coke, $7.21. What the what?

Please can anyone who reads this explain why this place stays in business? While I have not tasted dirty toes that are disease ridden I think I have an idea how they may taste.

Portillo’s, Daddy is coming home!

Yesterday I was just dog tired.   From working a late double on Friday and all the walking on Saturday – it felt good just to take it easy and hang out with Tony.   We went grocery shopping, I did a bit of cooking.  I could use another day off, but what are you going to do?!

Alright, off to put my stuff together – I have broccoli and potato cheddar soup for lunch – recipe tomorrow.  I am not kidding that I think it tastes better than Panera’s soup!  Make it a great day!