I had time before work to make my version of Renee’s creamy cheese tortellini soup.  I had water boiling for the tortellini (I knew I wanted to keep that separate and add it in later when I reheated the soup at work) and another pot with the soup.  In between all this I was downloading pictures from the day before, jumping in the shower, drinking coffee, blogging – so much time for activities!

Until I got half way to work and realized I never made anything for breakfast!  Doh!  We have a Subway across the street.  I got the egg white bacon cheese flatbread with creamy sriracha and banana peppers.  Everyone should go bold with creamy sriracha!  I tried to find the nutrition of the sauce, but couldn’t really find anything definitive – or what makes it creamy – sour cream?  Mayo??  My guess is that it’s about 90 calories – the same as a full fat salad dressing.

NMN 001

NMN 007

I had to drop off a couple of our printers for service and happened to be driving by Mitsuwa.  If you are ever in the NW suburbs of Chicago – best Japanese grocery store ever!  Sadly, this is what snow looks like in Chicagoland by the end of February – just piles of black grossness.  Have I mentioned that I am over this winter already?

NMN 008

Maggie, it never fails that I see these kombacha right when I walk in the door and I immediately think of you!  (and still haven’t been brave enough to try it!)

NMN 010

I was all set to go to the gym at lunch.  I only took half the amount of insulin with breakfast but somehow my blood sugar was 123.  Normal.  I wasn’t really hungry so didn’t feel like eating anything to get my numbers up, so I did the next best thing – I went Goodwill – didn’t find anything, but you never know.

When I got back from my errands, it was time to heat up the soup!  This is basically my Lasagna Soup with Cheese Tortellini.  I had pepperoni I needed to use up, so I added that in too.  I rewrote the recipe so I could get the nutrition stats.  It makes six, 1.5 cup servings of soup, 6 tortellini – 389 calories, 19 fat, 31 carbs, 5.3 fiber and 22 protein.


NMN 012

Just….yum.  This was so filling and delicious!  This is hands down the best way to have lasagna soup.  The cheese tortellini just kick it up a notch.

Before I knew it, it was time to go to the restaurant.  I had a four table section – with three tables that me and one of the other servers would rotate.  I kept getting sat parties of two.  I did have a party of six, but it was a family with 4 kids.  Hardly anyone wanted a drink, I couldn’t sell any after dinner drinks, desserts, etc.  But I was happy with my service.  I just wasn’t getting tipped.  Here is an example.

NMN 019

I had an awesome table of an older couple with their adult son.  They totally got my sense of humor.  Their bill was $115 and they left me $15.  Ouch – 13% tip!  But then I realize that not every night is my night and just to take the good with the bad.  I made $100 after tipping out the bus guys and the bar – and that will more than cover our groceries this week, so it’s a win.  And I can only hope that tonight will be better.

A couple of our specials last night – first up – a 14 ounce grilled Prime Rib.  The Chef slow cooks a whole prime rib and portions off a 14 ounce slice, finishes it off the grill and then it’s served with a baked potato and grilled vegetables.  I am not usually a fan of prime rib, but I like the grill technique at the end.

NMN 017

And this one everyone raves about – the lamb osso bucco over confetti rice.  The meat literally falls of the bone.

NMN 023

Tony let me sleep in this morning – I didn’t get out of bed until 9:15.  He already had a breakfast in mind for me.  In our small cast iron skillet, he first defrosted some tater tots, then smushed them on the bottom of the pan.  Topped it with scrambled eggs and some cheese. Holy balls this was good – the bottom because the top and each bite was super crispy.  And he added the right amount of Tabasco sauce.  #love  I could only eat 3/4 of this – so good.

NMN 033

I’ve got some laundry to do and clean up the kitchen.  Other than that I am going to relax and catch up on Girls and American Idol before jumping in the shower and going to work.  I hope to be Bizzy in my Kitchen tomorrow though!

Have a great weekend – see you Monday!