Gotta love when you go to bed at midnight and then wake up at 9:45! 😀  But we are in good shape for tomorrow.  Tony and I went out for breakfast yesterday.  I ordered two egg beater scrambled, a side of bacon and a fruit plate.  For some reason since these were all side items, they came on 3 separate plates!  And while Tony and I envisioned cantaloupe and honey dew melon, we each got a plate of 1/2 a banana (which I gave to Tony because he doesn’t do citrus foods), 1/2 an apple, 1/2 an orange and a slice of grapefruit.

Breakfast comes in at 5 PointsPlus (1 point for 2 egg beaters, 4 points for bacon, 0 points for fruit)

Tabasco of course liberally applied after the picture was taken 😀

We hit the stores to get the last minute items for our fondue tonight for Christmas Eve and our dinner tomorrow when the family comes over.  While Tony was in line at the deli, I couldn’t help notice the snowmen cupcakes!

We didn’t get home until late afternoon, and I didn’t want to eat too much, but knew I had to eat something before dinner.  Tony bought these soup mixes at Menard’s of all places – all you do is bring 8 cups of water to a boil, then add the soup mix, stir and cook for 15 minutes.  It actually wasn’t bad!  Each 1 cup serving is 4 points, so with my not pictured apple on the side, our late lunch was only 4 PointsPlus.

It was about 3:50 in the afternoon and I realized I hadn’t worked out yet.  My idea was just to walk outside for a few miles, when I realized that it was probably going to get dark soon, so I had better run!  I did a 5 minute warm up, ran for 2 miles in 20 minutes, then a 5 minute cool down.  Can I just say I loved running outside even though it was cold out?!

Hannah was starving by the time she got home from work.   She had a cup of broccoli soup and a couple biscuits, while I made fries and a burger.  Hannah wasn’t feeling the burger, so she made her fries into cheese fries.  While I used my deep fryer, since it holds it temperature so well, they are not greasy at all.   So I had 3.5 ounces of potato for 2 points, add 1 teaspoon of oil for 1 point, and had 1/2 an ounce of cheddar cheese on my burger for 1 point – but the killer was the burger – they were frozen 1/3 patties that were 85% lean – my burger ended up being 9 points by itself!   But still not bad for a whole dinner: 13 Points plus.

with diced hot peppers on top 😀

It’s the holidays that remind me of my Dad and how I wish he could have seen me get married to Tony and watch Hannah grow up.  He was her number one fan.   New readers, you can meet my Dad here. 😀

So I give you flashback Friday – I’ve seen it on other blogs and love the concept.  Gotta love the late 70’s stash my Dad is sporting.  I am on the left and my sister Jennifer is on the right.  Pretty sure I wasn’t girly enough to cross my legs like that! 😀   And I think Shelley will love how big our eye glasses are!

I wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas.  Enjoy your time with family, friends, and good food.  And try to keep your manners – unlike me one Christmas morning long ago!

Stats for Thursday:

  • 35 points (including wine and a serving of Chex Mix – thanks Charlie!)
  • 30 minute walk/run

Have a wonderful weekend – see you on Monday! 😀