Although I’ve already met all these bloggers before, what’s great about meeting them is that since we follow each others blogs, its as if we are friends even before we met – there is a level of comfort that you have, so its not awkward at all. 😀

I was so busy making pumpkin scones to give to everyone that I didn’t eat breakfast – I looked at my clock and it was 11:15, but I knew I had to have something to eat before lunch, so I heated up a cup of my buffalo chicken chili. That hit the spot!

I finished boxing up my scones and I was off!

We met at Big Bowl.  Did you know they had a gluten free menu?  I ended up getting the kung pao chicken off of that menu, and it was delicious.  What impressed me was that a separate server brought my dish over so they really make sure to give the right person the gluten free dish. 😀

I shared some szechwan green beans – I love these!

So much fun catching up with everyone – we need to get together more often than once a year!  Christina can be found here, my sister can be found here, Mara can be found here and Mel can be found here.

Christina, Me, Jennifer, Mara and Mel

After lunch, Mel and I hit up Ikea – you could literally spend hours in that store.  I ended up with a couple couch covers (our dog sheds like nobody’s business) and a throw pillow.  Thanks for hanging out with me Mel!

Since I’ve been on staycation, I haven’t done any type of meal plan at all!  So last night was super quick and easy – chili burgers!

Loot! I won Katie’s salad challenge and got this in the mail this morning:

Check out all of Katie’s Thanksgiving recipes here – they all look delicious!

Mel handed out brittle – Hannah got to it before I took a picture though!

My sister made banana nut muffins.  What’s the deal with the placement of all the chocolate chips?  They look like nipples!

And Christina handed out super cute tea towels:

And right now, it’s almost 10:15, I am still in my pajamas and drinking coffee.  Love it! 😀

My snowman coffee cup of the day:

I am not going to be as lazy today – my big project this week is the basement, so that’s the first order of business – I plan on doing laundry while I am down there too.

Question of the Day:  Have you met any bloggers in real life? And if so, was it super comfortable?  Still waiting for the day Helen, Shelley and I can meet in real life!

Have a great Monday!