It’s starting to get chilly in our neck of the woods.  Several years ago we had a huge tree knocked down.  It was going to cost twice as much if they cut down the tree and removed all of the wood, so our frugal minds were like “we can cut down the tree and use it as firewood!”

OMG, hardest work we have ever done in our lives.  We rented a splitter, and between us, our kids and a friend, it took us just about 8 hours to split two cords of wood.  After all that hard work, damn straight we were going to use it!

We have a 1200 square foot house, with all the living space on one floor.  Our wood burning stove is in between our living room and dining room.  That year we thought “can we heat our house with this stove?”

We started the stove, when Tony or I would get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, we’d throw another log on to keep it going.  It kept our house really warm!  Best part?  Our first gas bill was only $16! We had our thermostat set to turn on if it got too cool, but the fire kept it warm enough where it didn’t kick in – nice!

So last night was our first fire of the season.  I like to pride myself that I can tackle just about any project.  I got our wood bag, went to our back yard, loaded it up with 8 big logs, carry it in.   Tony asks “do you want me to start the fire?”  “I’ve got it!” I replied.

Thirty minutes later, after my kindling is the only thing that is burning, I walk away defeated.  Tony literally walks over, makes a couple of adjustments of the logs, and poof!  We have fire!   I will have to realize that I can keep a fire going – I just can’t start one! 😀

Over the weekend I bought a small loaf of pumpkernickel rye bread – its delicious (and soon I need to make mini reubens on it!).  Breakfast was two mini egg sammies with some melon on the side.  419 calories, 38 carbs, 29 protein, 8.2 fat and 4.1 fiber.

I knew I was going to be having Yankee Pot Roast Soup for lunch, so before work yesterday I made another loaf of Artisan bread to have on the side.   I am seriously addicted to this bread!  Lunch comes in at 488 calories, 64 carbs, 37 protein, 9.1 fat and 5.1 fiber.

with a klassy plastic spoon!

Later on in the afternoon I look up and Hannah is there!  During the week we don’t see much of each other with her school, work and social life – she was nice and brought me a skinny latte! 😀  I didn’t think to take a picture of her before she left 🙁   Thanks for the coffee Hanners!

On my way home I had to pick up my contacts – I am blind as a bat!  A couple weeks ago I got pink eye, got some drops, it went away and I went back to wearing contacts.  The last few days I’ve gotten up my eyes have been all crusty (hope you aren’t eating while you read that!).  Gorgeous sunset by the way!

I thought maybe the pink eye was back, but I think its my mascara.  Ever since I wore makeup, I’ve not left the house without at least some mascara.   I use eye make up remover right before bed.  As I was driving to work yesterday I thought “maybe its the mascara?”  Um, since I am not a regular wearer of makeup, it may be several years old!  I looked it up and you should replace your mascara every . . . three months! I had no idea.

So here is how long you should keep your makeup:

  • Foundation – 1 year
  • Concealer – 12 to 18 months
  • Powder – 2 years
  • Blush – 2 years
  • Eye shadow – 2 years
  • Eyeliner – 2 years
  • Liquid eyeliner – 3 to 6 months
  • Mascara – 3 months
  • Lipstick – 2 years

I seriously just threw out a red lipstick that’s been in my purse for approximately 5 years!

Okay, after that public service announcement, back to my dinner!   I made Cincinnati Chili Mac.  I added 1/2 cup of spicy black beans and pickled jalapenos to my bowl! 😀  Dinner comes in at 596 calories, 53 carbs, 46 protein, 8.8 fat and 7 fiber.

Stats for Tuesday:

  • 1502 calories, 154 carbs, 111 protein, 47 fat and 15.9 fiber
  • 27% of calories from fat
  • 45 minute walk at lunch

I recently virtually connected with an old high school field hockey friend – she has a food blog too!  While I knew her sisters more since Jacky was a freshman when I was a senior, I was thrilled to see that she has a food blog too.  She just canned some caramel apple pie filling that sounds amazing!  You have to check it out 😀

And Katie of Chaos in the Kitchen is having a Salad Contest.  Best part, you don’t actually have to make it – you can describe your salad in a comment, she’ll pick the top three that she likes and will make them and post them – the winner gets a $25 AmEx Gift Card!

My submission, while I haven’t made it, was inspired by one of my favorite appetizers that I had at a restaurant I worked at – it was a baked goat cheese crostini over a slice of prosciutto and drizzled with a balsamic reduction – I hope she picks my idea so I can see if it is actually a good salad idea!

Knock, knock, are you still there??  Sorry this was a long post – Happy Hump Day! 😀