I woke up yesterday morning to crusty eyes – not sure why because I wear contacts that you throw away every day.   I wore my glasses all day yesterday hoping my eyes would get better, but they aren’t – especially my left eye.  I am waiting for the eye doctor to open and see if they can squeeze me in this morning and just go into work late.

Did you check out my second Foodbuzz Challenge I posted yesterday?  If you click on this link, just hit the heart at the top of the post to vote for me – I appreciate it!

Since I was cooking all day yesterday, my eats were kind of weird.  I did have a breakfast sammie with one of my rotis that I made – these are so simple to make I could make them every week!

My SIL Jody came over yesterday and brought Tony a cupcake cake for his birthday – it was a spice cake and really good – one of her co-workers is starting up a cupcake business on the side.

For Tony’s football food I made him guacamole (no pics!) and I had some shrimp I needed to use up so I made him salt and pepper shrimp.  You simply toss the peeled shrimp in cornstarch, deep fry and then sprinkle with salt and pepper – I had sweet and sour sauce as a dip.

For lunch I ate a couple of the momo’s I made – I just saw that Sophia made the same thing, although she made hers round and used ground pork. 😀

By dinner time, I was in no mood to cook anything else, so it was simply ham and cheese sammies with some chips:

When Tony and I were at the store, we were in the check out lane and he says “did you see if they have any canned pumpkin?”  I made a mad dash, so a store employee, and he said “I saw some on aisle 7 on the right hand side.”  Score!

just as I've seen at every other store - a completely empty shelf!

A huge thanks to Maggie for picking my name in her latest giveaway – so can’t wait to try this new artificial sweetener – it came with a ton of recipes too!

I’ve been using artificial sweeteners for so long, I can’t taste it in baked dishes, but Tony always can – we’ll see if he can tell with this!

Do you use artificial sweeteners to bake?

Have a great Monday – and thanks for your vote!