This week is going by so fast. I can’t believe it’s Thursday already!  I decided to make another taco omelet for breakfast yesterday.  It’s so good and filling – this plate with the Chobani is 307 calories and 36 whopping grams of protein!  I may have gotten a tiny bit carried away with the hot sauce though!

fagioli 021

I put on Instagram that I am still in the hunt for the coconut flavored Chobani – recommendations were at Publix and Kroger (not by me) and Target!   Never thought of checking Target.  Although one person (Hey Jenn) said that she wasn’t a fan of the coconut and that key lime was her favorite.  Great, now I need to find another flavor! Open-mouthed smile

On tap for strength yesterday was chest and calves:

  • Barbell Bench Press: 20 reps
  • Incline Dumbbell Press: 20 reps
  • Dumbbell Flyes: 20 reps
  • Dip: 20 reps
  • Push-up: 20 reps
  • Standing Calf Raise: 20 reps
  • Seated Calf Raise: 20 reps

Same as yesterday – do all those exercises back to back, rest 3-5 minutes, then repeat three times.  I rested 3 minutes in between and again, this took me 35 minutes.  No time for cardio again – oh well!  Only one slight problem.  I can’t do dips to save my life.  I have no shoulder strength at all, so I “cheated” a bit and used the fly machine – I figured that’s a chest exercise!

fagioli 025


fagioli 031

When I was at work on Tuesday, Tony texted me a picture of soup that said “It’s pasta fagioli!”  I guess with me working two jobs, Tony can finally get in the kitchen because I am not hogging it!  I brought some to work.  He told me “you can add the green shit if you want.”  I ended up having to add a bit more broth because the noodles really soaked it up and some baby spinach and a pinch of crushed red pepper.

fagioli 008

One word people:  AMAZEBALLS!  He ended up crushing some of the white beans to thicken the soup, and the broth was so garlicky good.  The first bite I tasted white bean but then a whole other layer of flavors was going on in this soup.  He made a lot so lucky for me I’ll be having this for lunch today and tomorrow too!  Thanks Tony!

Later in the afternoon I made a skinny mocha latte – 1/2 a pack of diet cocoa mix, coffee, 1 tablespoons of Peppermint Mocha and whip cream.  Jody, I know you are going to give me shit about drinking this International Delight, but this flavor was like if Christmas threw up in my mouth.  Yum!

fagioli 023

And Jenn M.!  Look who came out already?!  Thanks again for this mug last year – it totally makes me smile when I bring it out.  Just ignore the pink charging cord for my iPhone.

fagioli 036

So last night was the second Chef’s tasting at the restaurant.

fagioli 038

First up?  PORK WINGS!  Okay, I’ve never heard of pork wings before, but these were delicious.  “Wings served crispy, sautéed in a sweet and zesty Thai sauce, served over crunchy noodles.”  The Chef just brought out the wings for us to try.

fagioli 046

fagioli 048

The pork was so tender, fell off the bone and the sauce had the perfect balance of sweet and heat.  I will say that some of the older servers felt this was way too spicy, but I thought it was perfect.

And how can you go wrong with sweet and spicy sausage with peppers?  I believe these are going to be served with a creamy herb polenta.  I am still learning the menu.  I could have eaten just the sausage last night and been a happy camper.  The sausage is all made in house too.

fagioli 016

This picture isn’t the best, but this is Chicken Spindini:  “Chicken breast, prosciutto, spinach, provolone – sauteed in a sherry cream sauce over angel hair pasta.”  Last night he paired it with fettucine.  The chicken was super tender, and I loved the salty kick of the proosciutto under the provolone cheese.  The pasta itself was a bit bland for me, but then again, Tony thinks I’ve burned all my taste buds off already with all the spicy shit I eat.

fagioli 050

One of my favorite things thought that I’ve eaten so far?  Chicken Visuvio wings with potatoes.

fagioli 052

Check out all the garlic sauce goodness going on!

fagioli 054

I brought some home for Tony to try and he gave them thumbs up, even if there was a tiny bit of crushed red pepper in the mix.

One thing that truck my eye on the menu?  Baked goat cheese casserole!  Yes please!

fagioli 040

Check out some other things on the menu – What would you order?

fagioli 043

The lobstericle sounds interesting, doesn’t it?!  I already told the Chef that if he wants the staff meal to be the imported Meat and Cheese borad, I’d totally be find with that. Open-mouthed smile

Again, I have no stats today – just too hard to figure out how many calories I ate.  I will say that the plates were small – 4 inch paper plates, so I didn’t do too bad.  Tonight I just have to stop by to pick up my uniform shirts – a royal blue button down shirt that has the Zeal logo on it.  Tomorrow night I work 4-9 and Saturday 4-10 for the soft opening.  They are closed on Sundays until the spring when they plan to build an outdoor patio with a wood fired pizza oven!   And then Monday they will open up to the public and I’ll get some sort of schedule.

Today I have arms and abs on the strength menu.  And now it’s time to pack my food and gym bag up – make it a great day!