I was so excited to learn that I made it to Round Two of Foodbuzz’s Project Food Blog! 😀  Now the competition gets more fierce – out of the 400 who made it to Round Two, only 200 make it to Round Three!

So what is Challenge Two?

“Any food blogger worth their salt can make a classic dish sing, but can they go outside their comfort zone and tackle a foreign cuisine?”

Here is the tricky part – I have to submit my recipe tomorrow!  I am actually leaning towards Nepalese cuisine – since it has some of the same spices as Indian food – and you all know how I love my chicken tikka masala! 😀

Yesterday I had my first honey crisp apple of the season – I paid $2 for it as Whole Foods, but I was fine with that because they are so worth it.  Worst.Apple.Ever.  It was so tart, I couldn’t even eat two slices of it!

Breakfast was hash: diced baked potato, an egg, red and green peppers - oh, and cheese! 😀

Even though it was really windy yesterday, I decided to walk at lunch – I ran an errand to the grocery store and ended up walking for 60 minutes!

I got stuck by a train for a few minutes – isn’t it weird how there is no barrier from the sidewalk to the train??

Ever since Tony’s birthday lunch attempt to go to a good deli didn’t work out, I have had corned beef on the brain!  I picked up 1/4 pound of it at lunch, I had all the rest of the ingredients at home:  fat free thousand island dressing was the base, then shredded corned beef, sauerkraut (that had been drained) and swiss cheese on top.  Oh, and I also sprinkled caraway seeds over the top – that made it extra delicious!

so good! 😀

I am still trying to find a crust that Tony likes – I like a crispy crust, he wants slightly crispy, but chewy too.  Maybe next time I’ll keep his pizza on the pizza pan the whole time and maybe lower the temperature?

Tony's pizza: sausage, mushroom, black and green olives

We slept in until 9:30 this morning and we were both hungry so we went out for breakfast and went to the grocery store – it feels weird blogging at 1:15 in the afternoon!

So come on back tomorrow for submission for Round Two!  And thanks again for everyone who voted for me during the first round!

Is there a cuisine you have yet to try at home?