Yesterday morning it was overcast, windy and so cool – almost felt like fall, which is my favorite season.  We had the windows open and it felt so nice not to have the air on.  Well, that was short lived!  All of a sudden the sun came out, and with it the heat and humidity.  But since I was cooking throughout the day, we managed to keep the air off until about 9:00 last night!

We decided to eat lunch out, so I just had a piece of cheese toast for breakfast:

We ended up at the Lucky Monk for lunch.   As much as I wanted one of their signature burgers, I decided to have a cup of soup and the hummus appetizer.  The server said their soup of the day was chicken tortilla.  Um, turns out it was baked potato, so that’s what I had.  It was really creamy and delicious, although I did have to add some Tabasco for a kick!

I ate about half of the hummus, about 10 pita points and all of the vegetables
Tony got the burger with sauteed mushrooms - I did steal a bite 😀

We actually were going to see a movie, but we had over an hour to kill, so we nixed that idea.  We went to the new giant Whole Foods in Schaumburg!

Look at all the cheese Melinda! Speaking of Melinda – she’s have her first blogaversary and has an interesting giveaway – go check it out! 😀

And Tony got a pistacio gelato – I had a couple bites and it was amazing!  Actually the one I had a tiny spoonful as a sample was salted caramel and that was delicious!

We were actually by Tony’s old stomping grounds as a boy – I thought I would post a couple pictures that his family might like to see – the first two are two houses Tony lived in as a boy, and the third one is his jr. high:

I think this house was on Clarendon?
and this one was on Knightsbridge

Since it was so cool in the morning I made buffalo chicken chili for dinner – I had every intention of making it chili mac and when I brought it to the table, Tony was like “where are the noodles?”  I completely forgot!  By this time mind, you, it was about 85 degrees in the house and we were both sweating while eating the chili!

I love how quickly this comes together

So how was my kitchen Bizzy yesterday?

  • I made the BSI Turkish Boregi
  • I made two loaves of my MIL’s banana bread to send to my step-son Joe
  • I made a huge tray of zucchini enchiladas, although I added chicken to half of them
  • I made creamy black beans (recipe to come)
  • I made a black bean, cucumber, tomato, avocado salad (recipe to come)
  • I made 5 pounds of ground beef for my taco bar at lunch
  • I made the buffalo chicken chili for dinner
  • I made a Tres Leches cake for dessert at work

I think I need to count my calories over the weekend – I shouldn’t have stepped on the scale yet, but after not having cocktails and working out so much this past week, I thought maybe I would have a loss.  Nope.  Somehow I gained two pounds! I was 171 this morning, WTF?

I am not going to let this discourage me though – and have decided not to weigh myself until my next quarterly doctor appointment which isn’t until November 3!  I did really well this last week:  I worked out every day but yesterday (Sundays are going to be my rest day – oh, I forgot to mention I biked outside for 50 minutes on Saturday!) and I don’t think my calories were above 1800 the whole week, and I worked out three times that day!

So here’s to another week – let’s all make it a good one! 😀