At long last!   Although leaving the hospital takes FOREVER – everyone has to sign off on him going home, the cardiologist, the orthopedic doctor, the internets, the janitor!  But all went well and he is now comfortably resting, with Ed by his side!

While I was waiting for home health care to call me back before going to the hospital, I cut into one of the grapefruits from my parents-in-law – it was so sweet!


I made a one egg omelet with mozzarella cheese on half of an onion bagel:


I learned the hard way that the cafeteria at the hospital is CLOSED on the weekends, so Hannah and I ended up picking up Subway for us and Tony.   As much as  I try, as soon as I see these potato chips I have to get them!


I got the BMT:

with extra banana peppers!
with extra banana peppers!

When we left the hospital it was a balmy 65 degrees, but then the rain came down hard on the drive home – as much as I hate driving in fog, I almost think its worse when it rains so hard while driving 60 miles an hour!   It easily dropped 15 or 20 degrees already and we’ve only been home an hour and a half.

So I am off to the grocery store, I haven’t been in almost 10 days!  Tony’s family is coming over for lunch tomorrow and we will finally open our Christmas presents 😀  Can’t wait!  I decided to make a lasagna – casseroles are always easy!  See you later tonight!