First of all, can I just say Amen to a three day weekend!  It was such a gorgeous day yesterday – no humidity, around 80 degrees at the most.  I started my day with a 22 minute AM yoga.  I am really loving it, especially in the morning because it kind of stretches you out to start the day.  I am still not that flexible and some of the poses I am sure I look retarded, but who cares?

Next I did a 10 minute ab routine and then got my shoes on to do my bike ride outside.  I forgot to bring my camera, but its the same route where I conquered the hill and did it again yesterday!  It was about a 35 minute bike ride.

Then I got back, looked at the clock and had to get my ass in gear – I was meeting my Mom at Goodwill while Hannah worked yesterday morning, then we hit up the Entenmann’s outlet – a 24 pack of bagel thins was only $2.49! 😀

My breakfast was a quick egg sammie on whole wheat white bread:

On the way back to my house my Mom and I may have stopped at a couple garage sales.  I seriously can’t help myself!  But I am so proud of myself – check out what I passed up!

I passed up a huge table of cookbooks - each were only $2!

But I did buy some really cute glass snowman mugs I am going to give the girls at work 😀

We picked up Hannah and then headed up to Lake Geneva.  I had a couple ideas for lunch, but one that I really wanted to go to:  Bistro 220.  I liked their menu because it suited all three of our tastes.

It had really cute decor on the inside:

Another reason I wanted to eat there was because they had outdoor seating – one of my favorite things to do in the summer:

Since I had already scanned the menu beforehand, there was no reason for me to open it.  My Mom, however, could not decide!  They had a lump crab salad wrap on the special, they had a bacon and onion quiche, and their fish special was trout almondine.  I love how my Mom makes a decision though.  Since she lives by herself, gone are the days of pot roasts and baby back ribs.  So she almost always picks what she normally wouldn’t fix at home, so the trout dish won – she loved it!

I knew I was getting the baked goat cheese appetizer in marinara with garlic toast:

So Hannah decided to get the baked brie:

yes, that is garlic butter floating at the top - I had a bite and it was delicious!

Being the health conscious Momma that I am (right!) Hannah and I decided to split their Bistro salad – it was basically a grilled chicken salad with a sun dried tomato vinaigrette that was out of this world.

Me and Hannah - I feel short 🙁
Me and Mom - I feel tall! 😀

Then we just walked into all sorts of cute stores.  Lots of art galleries – one in which I am not sure there was much under $1000 bucks!  But scary shit too:

Then we walked over to the beach area:

My Mom rocking out the big sunglasses!

I can't believe she's going to be 70 next month - still so young! 😀

I think there was a candy/ice cream store about every block.  We stopped at one – my Mom got banana fudge pie – I had a bite – so good!

but I really wanted the marshmallow pops!

We came home and set my Mom up on Facebook!  I have a feeling she’ll be addicted in no time.  I think in the span of about 10 minutes she had 50 friend requests! 😀

And while I wasn’t hungry when we got home around 7:00, around 9:00 I was really hungry, so I made a pizza using what I had on hand – I actually had 1/2 a chicken sandwich leftover from the night before, so I took that chicken out of the sammie and diced it up.  I mixed 1/2 an 8 ounce can of tomato sauce with 1/4 cup Taco Bell sauce for the base, then added 3 ounces of Taco cheese on top.  I ended up eating three slices of this baby!  Oh, and my side had diced gardiniera, so it was nice and spicy 😀

Did you really think I could go a whole Friday without pizza??!!

I did not track my calories yesterday and am not going to sweat it.

Stats for Friday:

  • calories?
  • 22 minute AM yoga
  • 10 minute abs
  • 35 minute outdoor bike ride
  • 2+ hours walking around Lake Geneva
  • no alcohol 😀

Thanks for a great day Mom and Hannah!

I want to give a shout out to my friend Helen, who as I type this is running a 12 mile  race!  She is going to kick ass!  Let’s just say I envy her running skills!

And don’t forget to get your BSI ground turkey recipes to Debbi by tomorrow – I plan on making mine today!

Plan for today:

  • clean living room, dining room, bathroom and vacuum back room
  • laundry is almost done – maybe two loads left? 😀
  • grocery shop
  • leisurely bike ride for at least 45 minutes

Happy Saturday!