Okay, you all know my obsession with cheese, but this one ranks right at the top of one of my favorites!  Tony actually bought it for New Years Eve, and I had forgotten it was in the fridge until I cleaned it out.

see the flecks of mustard seed?

The best part is not only does it have a great mustard taste – a little goes a long way and it melts wonderfully.

this is only 1/2 an ounce!

I sliced some of my bread from yesterday, Pam fried an egg and then put this cheese on the egg and put a top on the pan and just walked away for a few minutes:

So my Mom and I were meeting for a movie, but I wasn’t sure she’d be able to meet for lunch before since she had church, so popcorn ended up being my lunch at the movies!  We saw It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep – and while somewhat predictable, we loved it – some very funny, laugh out loud scenes!

On Saturday Tony and I went to Sports Authority – I needed to get a new sports bra and something I like to call “an undershirt that holds the jiggly stuff in.”  Since I still have 35+ pounds to go, when I run, um, let’s just say my middle is a bit jiggly!  I found a Nike dry wic tank that holds everything in – and upon getting home, I realized my new sports bra can’t go into the dryer.

So after the movie, my Mom and I headed to Dick’s – and I love when I find signs like this!

and ADDITIONAL 50% off the lowest ticketed price!

My parents-in-law had given me a Visa card for Christmas, so with part of that I bought all of these!

Guess how much all four cost??

the most expensive one was only $12.98, and all of these originally were in the $40 dollar range!

So I am all set!  Thanks Bonnie and Carl! 😀

Dinner was quick and easy – I defrosted Italian sausage and my bolognese sauce.  My base is a cup of baby spinach, one serving (10 cheese tortellini for 210 calories!) of cheese tortellini, 1/2 cup sauce and 2 ounces of Italian sausage – with 1 tsp. Parmesan cheese on top.  Oh, and sprinkled with crushed red pepper!


I finally watched Biggest Loser! While I was happy to see twins because I have a twin sister, I was sad to see one go already!  But he’s lost 100 pounds in two months – that’s crazy!   I haven’t really picked a contestant yet – I normally root for somebody from the beginning.  This week also marks the beginning of American Idol – but it comes on the same night as BL!  I think I’ll tape BL and then watch it the next morning before work.

Speaking of work, I have to get ready!!

Goals for the Day:

  • 80 ounces water
  • 45 minutes exercise
  • calories under 1500
  • percentage of fat under 30%

Have a great day!