Looking back on my eats this week, I think I did pretty good eating out of our fridge and freezer this week – I like not spending money on groceries every once in a while, even though I love grocery shopping! 😀

I love Hormel turkey chili.  When it goes on sale, I usually buy some and keep it in my desk just in case.  I had a taste for it . . . for breakfast!  I used a low carb wrap, one scrambled egg, 1/2 cup hormel chili, taco cheese and chopped fresh spinach on top.  Of course, I sprinkled it liberally with Tabasco 😀  This was so fricken good!

this may be my new favorite breakfast!

Tony and Hannah took our dog Ed to the vet yesterday morning.  He quite literally freaked out – enough so that he got out of his collar!   We have no idea how old our dog is because we rescued him, but our guess is about 10 or 11.  He now has arthritis, which we kind of had an idea because he no longer wants to walk up our front stairs on our deck, but will walk around to the back door so he only has to walk up five. 🙁

Hannah didn’t have to work until later in the afternoon so she picked me up and we went to a sidewalk sale near my office and lunch.

It’s the first time I’ve eaten here.  We each got the teriyaki chicken platter, which came with the chicken, white rice, three small gyoza (I only ate one because there was mushroom in it) and a salad – all for $7.

this was good, but I asked for hot sauce which made it great!

Thanks for being my lunch date Hannah! 😀

So at this sidewalk sale, among tents that are selling $99 t-shirts is a mini garage sale.  All the proceeds went to the Daughters of the Revolution.  I totally scored!  Three more snowman mugs to my collection – each were $1!

And I also got another bread pan and a tart pan – each were $1 also.  But the major score was this:

A 1914 edition of Fannie Farmer’s cookbook.  It is totally fascinating to read.  The preface states:

“With the progress of knowledge the needs of the human body have not been forgotten.  During the last decade much time has been given by scientists to the study of foods and their dietetic value, and it is a subject which rightfully should demand much consideration from all.  I certainly feel that the time is not far distant when a knowledge of the principles of diet will be an essential part of one’s eduction.  Then mankind will eat to live, will be able to do better mental and physical work, and disease will be less frequent.”

I really can’t wait to make some of the recipes in this book.  However, it will be somewhat of a learning curve because she sometimes states “bake in a hot oven.”  Um, not sure what temperature is a hot oven!

she even has a recipe for emergency biscuits when someone stops by unexpectedly!

I also love the ads in the back of the book:

I remember trying to use karo syrup on pancakes when I was little when we were out of pancake syrup - it was so gross!

And whoever owned the book before me wrote “good” next to a recipe she liked.  And I also found some handwritten notes:

We decided to order pizza for dinner – I went with my new favorite:  Italian sausage, Italian beef and hot giardiniera.   Tony had sausage and green and black olives.  Sadly, when I saw the olive I handed him his pizza – but I forgot that olives are also in hot giardiniera!  On the third bite his mouth was on fire – sorry Tony!

I plan on making my MIL’s pumpkin bread today.   I am also going to make milk and water bread out of the Fannie Farmer cookbook – it calls for a yeast cake – I have no idea how much yeast that actually is, so it will be interesting!

Have a great Saturday!