I am not sure if its Hannah laptop, or my internet connection but it is s …l….o…..w!  I’ll make this post pretty quick!

I had to get up at 5:15 yesterday morning and we left the house at six.  I made a breakfast sammie for the ride to the airport. 

I am a somewhat nervous traveler when it comes to planes – never been a huge fan.  Probably too because I don’t travel by airplane very often – my last plane ride was 5 years ago at my Aunt’s 75ty party!

I had a layover in Atlanta.  Can someone please explain why that airport has to be so fucking huge??!!  I only had 40 minutes between flights, and since the first flight was delayed, my window of catching my next flight was getting smaller by the minute.

Luckily they made up some time and I had 30 minutes to reach my second part.  Oh, but here’s where the fun part starts!  I get off at gate B5.  To get to my next gate. . .D31, I need to walk to B31, go down a two story escalator, catch a tram and go two stops, then walk to D31 – I got there just as they were boarding!

My fears were realized . . . it was a tiny plane.  I don’t particularly like tiny planes because I feel that they are way too bumpy!

Luckily there was a Burger King right outside my gate – I picked up a BK Grilled chicken salad with Ken’s light Italian – it wasn’t too bad!  Of course,  I threw out the grape tomatoes right away!

My cousin Pam and her husband picked me up at the airport – wow, such a tiny airport!   And they were able to just park the car in front – how cool is that?  You can’t even slow down at O’hare before they are moving you along!

We stopped at my cousin’s house rental to drop off my bag.  Here is the view from my bedroom:

Then it was time to set up for the cocktail party!  My Aunt, even at 80 years old, still loves her happy hour!  Rocks glass in hand, this time handmade ones that had balloons on it and the number 80 painted on it.  Last nights cocktail party was the kickoff of her 80th birthday celebration and she said “It kind of feels like I am getting married without the man!”

Excuse my red face in this picture – still the after effects of the sunburn and I had just come in from outside where it was 86 degrees and so humid!

Can I just say she looks fabulous at 80!!

 Of course, living in Hilton Head, my Aunt’s life revolved around golf.  In her guest bathroom she has all these pictures of her with famous golfers.  Her favorite golfer?  Payne Stewart.  She said when he died, she felt as if she had lost a son!

Her other favorite golfer was Jack Nicklaus (not sure that is spelled right!).  There were at least a dozen pictures of her with him.

Aunt Cele is on the left and her best friend, who I will meet today, is on the right

After helping to clean up after the cocktail party, my counsin and her husband I went to Shucker’s – we all wanted seafood!  The place was dark, none of my pictures turned out, but I had a cup of She crab soup – so creamy and good!  The first time I had it was in Floriday at our wedding dinner!  And then I got New Orleans bbq shrimp – perfect amount of spice!

I did not exercise yesterday, I had planned to hit the hotel gym before the cocktail party.  I did good on eating, at the cocktail party I had a couple glasses of wine and some mixed nuts and a few cheese and crackers. 

Then it was time to crash!  I think I was in bed by 11:00!

very comfy bed - but the room as too quiet! I missed my fan and Tony sleeping next to me!

I’ll leave you with this picture.  The second and third on the left are my great grandparents.  The man on the back row right is my grandpa, and the woman on the bottom left is my Aunt Cele – I had such a great time looking at all her photos!

Family reunion tonight – my Mom will be coming in sometime late this morning, as will my Aunt and Uncle and more cousins!  After breakfast I plan on doing some laps in the pool – with sunscreen!

Enjoy your day!  Tony left me the nicest email before going to bed last night.  I told him I loved him more than hot sauce AND FoodTV combined!  Now that’s a lot of love! 😀