It seems just like yesterday that Hannah was this big.


Truth be told, I think Hannah has been preparing to move out since the age of 12.  She even had a list on the back of bedroom door (known as “command central”) of things she was going to have in her “future apartment.”

And yesterday was the day she moved out!  She moved in with her boyfriend and his Mom in the Westlawn neighborhood of Chicago – about 50 miles from where we live.  Hannah is going to Roosevelt University, and her boyfriend goes to Columbia – the schools are literally across the street from each other, and about a 20 minute L ride on the orange line.

She’ll get work this summer and sock away her money before school starts in the fall.  I am so proud of her and I know she has a bright future!  We packed up my car and her car.  The house that she’s staying in has what I call in in-law suite in the basement.  They have their own bath, a kitchenette, sitting area and separate bedroom, she there was no need for any furniture.


It took us maybe 20 minutes to carry all her stuff in, and then Hannah wanted to take me to her favorite taco place for lunch.


I got two carne asada tacos, but they were so full of meat, I could only eat one!  Yes, this was delicious – you could tell the corn tortilla was super fresh and the carne asada was so flavorful.  The green salsa rocked too!


And before you knew it, it was time for me to head home – I still had my SIL coming over to pick up her lunches for the week.  I have to say, I did tear up a bit as I pulled away, but with texting, talking, and skyping, I’ll still get my Hannah fix. I love you Hannah! Open-mouthed smile


It did make me sad though when I got home and saw her room though.


Tony and I had a great weekend though – two great breakfasts, peppers and egg sammie on Saturday and Tony’s spicy eggs on Sunday.

004risotto 031

Saturday night we grilled out.  We splurged and got a ribeye steak to share.  This steak cost $12, but it was so worth it.  We split it but couldn’t even finish it, so looks like someone I know might be having steak and eggs this week. Open-mouthed smile  Tony made a rosemary garlic butter – that just took it over the top!

risotto 003

risotto 015

On the side I made this lemon asparagus risotto – so good!

risotto 021

risotto 024

We both said that if we had gone to a restaurant for this meal, we could have easily spent $40-50 bucks – ours came in at $15. Open-mouthed smile

Then last night we smoked a ham on the grill.  This was stunning – but as I downloaded the pictures I realized I never took a picture of my plate!  I made rosemary new potatoes on the side.  We have a lot leftover.  I plan on making pork bbq sandwiches, but do any of you have any other leftover ham recipes?

risotto 041

So how did my WI go this week?


I am up .8 this week.  I blame these crack sesame pretzels from Trader Joe’s!

risotto 040

And I need to pick up my exercise pace this week too!  I didn’t have time to find another Inspirational Diet video, but Rachel sent me this via Facebook.  Love it!


Question of the Day:  How old were you when you first moved out of your parents house?

Make it a great day!