I have to give a shout out to Jacky, because I forgot to mention her brunch gift that she gave me and my sister.  Holla!!  Sriracha Salt!

lemon chix 014

Um, why haven’t I ever thought of spicy salt?!  Thanks Jacky!  This will definitely be put to good use!

I slept in yesterday morning.  Then did my blog post and started laundry.  Before I knew it, it was 11:30 and I hadn’t had anything to eat yet!  Since this was both breakfast and lunch, I made a bagel sammie, using some of the leftover bacon from Tony’s giant BLT over the weekend.

lemon chix 003

My hair appointment was at 1:30.  I brought them this picture that I pinned on Pinterest.


I told her that I thought I needed short layers to make my hair look fuller.  The best part about the whole hair cut was the shampoo.  This place has massage chairs now, and they start out by putting a hot towel on your head and it’s so relaxing.

Once she brushed out my hair, she said “I think in the back you have enough to donate to locks of love!”  What??!

lemon chix 030

We had just enough – 7 inches.  It’s so thin I asked her what they could possibly do with it, and she said it would be perfect to make bangs.  Who knew?

So it turns out my hair is too thin to have short layers like Jody Foster’s picture.  She said it would make my hair look thinner.  So we ended up with a chunky bob I guess.  I bit shorter in the back, but it does make my hair seem a lot fuller.

lemon chix 033

lemon chix 037

So no more pony tail!  I actually think this is a cut I can maintain. Open-mouthed smile  When I got back, Tony and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond.  I had a gift certificate from my PIL, plus a Visa card from one of my bosses.

Since Hannah moved out, it’s rare that Tony and I can drink a whole pot of coffee.  I usually drink the leftovers as iced coffee in the morning before brewing another pot.  But some days Tony doesn’t drink any coffee at all, so we were wasting a lot of coffee.

Problem solved!  (Skippy, I know you are jealous of my coffee cup!)

lemon chix 016

And the best part?  I can have stinky coffee!  Tony doesn’t like any type of flavored coffee, but I love it.  I had enough on the gift cards to buy this:

lemon chix 010

And we bought the tiny filter, so we can use our own coffee as well.

lemon chix 008

Did you see the cover of the latest Cooking Light magazine?

lemon chix 001

I was reading this magazine on the way to the store over the weekend, and this looked amazeballs.  I ended up using two big bone in chicken breasts that I cut in half.  Only one slight problem – this recipe said that it took 39 minutes to make.  No way.  It said to brown the chicken on the skin side for 6 minutes, then bake at 400 degrees for 12 minutes, or until it reaches 165 degrees. 

At 12 minutes, my chicken was only at 115 degrees – it took closer to 20-23 minutes for the chicken to be cooked through.  And I also had to microwave my potatoes before browning them – and even then some were a bit undercooked.  Next time I’ll bake the red potatoes whole beforehand, then slice and brown as directed.

lemon chix 017

A great reason to have a food scale?  These three potatoes can to 1 pound!

lemon chix 019

lemon chix 021

I also added 1 teaspoon of sugar, because the sauce before I added the sugar was a bit too tart.

lemon chix 028

Oops, I forgot the parsley!

lemon chix 025

This was delicious.  The sauce was perfect, the chicken was nice and moist, so next time I’ll be sure to cook the potatoes ahead of time.

I have left myself some time this morning to fix my hair – it may add five minutes to my morning routine – ha!

My gym bag is packed – it’s been too long since I worked out!  What are you planning to do for exercise today?  Make it a great day!