It was an attorneys birthday yesterday, so we had breakfast treats.  I knew there were going to be bagels, so I brought stuff to make an egg white/bacon/cheese breakfast sammie.  Lori, I always think of you when I eat a bagel!

wok 026

That was super filling, which was a good thing, because I had one boss wrapping things up before leaving for a spring break trip with one of her kids, and my other boss had a brief due yesterday.  I eventually heated up my soup around 2 – no picture though, there wasn’t any time.   But happily, my boss finished her brief during normal working hours, which doesn’t happen sometimes.  The very first day I worked with her she had a brief that was due in Chicago and I worked with her and another attorney until 4:00 a.m., only to get home at 4:20, get up at 7:00 and drive downtown to file it. 

Later in the afternoon we did have birthday treats again – I normally never partake in the birthday treats – I don’t deem them insulin worthy, but um, this fruit tart?!  INSULIN WORTHY!  I had a small slice of it – it was delicious.

wok 033

I was happy I was able to leave work on time, because Tony and I had a date night before I work this weekend.  We met at Wok n Fire – $3 beers and half price appetizers – score!  We had Sopporo on tap, fried calamari and beef skewers for apps.

wok 001

wok 003

wok 005

wok 007

I ended up getting steak Kung Pao for my dinner – I was so full from beer and apps, I only ate half of this – so spicy good though! 

wok 009

We had plenty of time to relax at dinner – the movie Monuments Men didn’t start until 6:45 – it was nice not to be in a hurry.  Okay, two new movies that I have to see – first up:

wok 013


That movie Tony and I will both see.  The movie Ted killed us it was so funny.  Invariably there will be previews that Tony takes one look at me and says “that’s why you have a Mother, daughter and sister to see that movie with!”

I can’t wait to see this movie:


Do you believe in Heaven?  I do.  I am not overly religious by any means.  I grew up going to church and I believe in God but as an adult, I never felt the urge to go to church every week. 

When my Dad died at home over 15 years ago, we were all there when he took his last breath.  I saw angels in the corner and I suddenly knew that everything was going to be okay.

As luck would have it, when my grandma died in Virginia when I was a Freshman in college, I just so happened to be playing field hockey on the East coast and got to see her before she passed away.  Right before she died she said “Johnny is here.”  That was my grandpa.  I like to think that when you die you get to see all your loved ones again.

What do you believe?

I have to get this show on the road – I made this creamy tomato and tortellini soup for lunch today – thanks for the recipe Renee – it looks amazing!!

Happy Friday – make it a great day!