Yesterday morning as I started out on my walk I forgot I wanted to stop by Panera on the way to work to accessorize my birthday treats for the office.  So it was a quick, just over a mile walk, but I remembered that it’s all about #wycwyc – a mile is still a mile!  It was gorgeous yesterday morning – 64 degrees, no humidity – I was wishing I had left myself more time to walk.

PicMonkey Collage - am walk

Back in the day it wasn’t unusual for me to have TWO bagels at breakfast.  I’d get an everything bagel and then a cinnamon crunch bagel for “dessert.”  Huh, no wonder I used to be 210 pounds!  I love bagels, but they are a once in a while treat.  I can’t remember the last time I had one.  My secret is that I pull out almost all of the “guts” of the bagel so I am left with a two ounce bagel.  I made my usual egg white/ham/spinach/cheese eggs and it was a delicious bagel sammie for under 400 calories.

I am so happy to have something to do at work!  I probably have another two weeks on this project which will take me right up to when I go on vacation to Virginia.  Jacob is so excited – he’s only been to Illinois and Wisconsin as an adult – when he was a kid he went to California, but he was 10.  After trying to figure out airfares, etc., I finally realized that it would be more cost effective if we drove and Hannah could not be happier – she loves a road trip and will probably drive 80% of the time.

My co-worker who I normally walk with had to run some errands so it was just me on my walk.  I decided to push myself.  Map My Run will tell you your pace after each mile.  So I told myself whatever that pace was I was going to try to go faster the next mile and the mile after that.

PicMonkey Collage - lunch walk
I took a completely different path yesterday.  AT&T has a giant campus not too far from my office and they have paved walkways and it was weird that I didn’t encounter a single other person – it was gorgeous.

6.17.15 061

Check it out!  My first mile was 15:46, my second was 15:28 and my third mile??? 14:42!!  I was nearly jogging I was walking so fast, but I found some really fast paced songs on Spotify and just walked to the beat – not bad to walk 3 miles in 46 minutes!  I figure if I am working out I need to get my “money’s worth” and I felt like I got a good workout in pushing myself pretty hard.  You never know until you try!

I ended up having frozen Cincinnati chili for lunch yesterday.  I will post the recipe for the banana muffins later this week – I never took a picture of them, but they were a hit at work.  Since I baked the night before last I hadn’t put anything together for my lunch, so I ended up adding baby spinach and red cabbage and Gouda cheese on top – I loved the crunch and freshness of the spinach and cabbage on top.

6.17.15 069

I had every intention of going to the gym after work, but I got stuck at work for an extra 30 minutes, and I wanted to try this method of cooking steak, and just decided to head home.  While my coals were getting hot I did lots of squats and lunges – #wycwyc!

I follow a bunch of people who LOVE to grill on Instagram.  Meat porn at it’s best.  I saw a couple days ago someone grilled their steaks right on the coals.  Huh.  It was called “caveman style” cooking and I was immediately intrigued.   Notes:  you have to use natural charcoal – I use Grove’s hardwood charcoal, and you can’t use lighter fluid obviously because your steaks would taste like ass. 

6.17.15 072

So it was an interesting way to cook the beef, but I made two rookie mistakes – not enough charcoal and I didn’t let the coals get as hot as they could have been.  I did end up cooking them in my cast iron skillet in the house for an extra two minutes a side, but I’ll definitely try it again.

6.17.15 079 - pic

6.17.15 085 - pic

I brushed the steaks with a touch of melted butter and squeezed a bit of lemon over the top.  If Jacob could have eaten the bones, I think he would have – two big thumbs up from him!

I only ate half my steak, the other half will morph into my breakfast panini this morning.  I really, really like beef and we asked Hannah to try just a little bit of it, but she basically said “I don’t get it.”  That’s okay – more meat for me and Jacob!

I still got a lot of steps in yesterday even without my night time workout:

6.17.15 001

I actually slept in a bit this morning so no walk for me – no worries, it’s going to be another nice day – overcast and 70 degrees – perfect walking weather at lunch!   Make it a great day!