I accidentally erased my breakfast pics!  They were spicy oats with a fried egg: 355 calories, 28 carbs, 19 fat and 19 protein.  I had every intention of hitting the gym hard at lunch today, but I forgot about a work luncheon!  It ended up being sandwiches and salad – not too bad, except for some odd reason after I ate 1/2 of a sandwich and a bit of salad . . . I went back and ate another half of sandwich! 

I didn’t need it, I was full, but for whatever reason, I ate it.  I felt so full all afternoon!  I have to start eating intuitively – had I waited 20 minutes after the first round, I never would have picked up the second sammie. 🙁


To make it worse, on the second sammie, I just ate the insides and put the bread to the side! 


I am guestimating the calories on this – it may have been 100 calories more?

Luckily dinner was solved – Tony took the reigns!  I sometimes forget what a great cook Tony is because I am usually the one hogging the kitchen!  Tonight was Pure Man Food!  He got a great deal on t-bone steaks – three giant steaks for only $9!


It’s supposed to be very warm in the midwest this weekend – tonight was no exception.  Probably around 60 degrees!  So even though it was dark out, that didn’t stop Tony from grilling! :D  The grill was screaming hot when he put the steaks on!


And he also made seasoned baked potatoes in the oven.  He rubbed them with a little olive oil, coarse salt and pepper and baked them at 450 in a cast iron skillet – I loved the fact that the skin touching the skillet was nice and crispy, while the inside was fluffy! :D  Below is my steak – I didn’t eat it all!  I had about 4 ounces of the meat and half of my baked potato.  The steak was a perfect medium rare and so juicy!



Dinner came in at 355 calories, 32 carbs, 11 fat and 31 protein.   So when I look at my stats for the day, it isn’t too bad, but I need to include more fruits and veggies into my diet, as well as more complex carbs.  I am footloose and fancy free for several hours on Sunday, so a good grocery shop will be in order! 😀

Stats for the Day

  • 1342 calories
  • 52 fat
  • 139 carbs
  • 79 protein
  • 12 fiber (another thing to bump up!)
  • no exercise

We are just about to watch a documentary about Mike Tyson.  He is so crazy!  Tony was actually at the fight where he bit off the ear of Evander Holyfield

Have a safe Friday night all – see you tomorrow night! 😀