My co-worker friend and I walked again at lunch yesterday – 45 minutes in 30 degree weather!Ā  It really wakes you up with all that fresh air!

We love this walk – not too much traffic – the loop is about 2.5 miles.Ā  And we talk about food and recipes the whole time so it goes by really fast!

Breakfast was more delicious grapefruit from my MIL šŸ˜€

Look at all that delicious grapefruit juice in the bottom!

Any my typical spinach/egg white/english muffin sammie:

Lunch was my glazed tofu dish I kicked up.Ā  I knew that wouldn’t be enough considering the whole dish is 380 calories, so I stopped at the store on my way to work – each of these mini egg rolls is 60 calories.Ā  While you see three in the pictures, I only ate two – I read the serving size wrong!Ā  So lunch comes in around 500 calories.

for some reason this wasn't as spicy the first time around, I think I went light on the curry powder šŸ™

Last weekend when I was making my meal plan, I realized I had a dinner size portion of beef stew.Ā  Note: once you defrost beef stew and reheat it, it looks like dog food. While it looks like ass, the flavor was just as good!

with a crescent roll on the side

Have you heard of Foodista?Ā  They call their site “The Cooking Encyclopedia Everyone Can Edit.”Ā  There are tons of recipes, cooking techniques – and they are also conducting a food blog cookbook that will be printed and published!

I am so proud of myself – not only was I able to figure out how to type in my recipe, but I successfully uploaded a picture!Ā  This is huge for someone who isn’t technical!

If you have time, can you vote for me?Ā  I submitted my Thai Basil Chicken in Baked Wonton Cups, Pumpkin Pancakes and my Copycat Panera Bread Broccoli Soup.Ā  Thanks! šŸ˜€ Just click on the “vote for me” buttons on the right side of my blog – one thing I couldn’t figure out was how to put that in an actual post, so I made it a widget (and any tips to put it in an actual post would be appreciated!) šŸ˜€

Question of the Day:Ā  I am thinking of changing my domain name – back in September of 2008 when I started this blog, I wasn’t even thinking about it – Biz was my nickname and 319 is my birthday!

So tell me what you think!

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Two more days til the weekend – woot!Ā  I am off to make Noble Pig’s Bloody Mary Soup for my lunch today – its quick, only takes 20 minutes!Ā Ā  Have a great day all! šŸ˜€