My friend Cassie at work said late this afternoon “I am so lost, I don’t know what you had for breakfast!”   While this seems a bit unusual just to post once, I think I am going to like it!

Breakfast was spicy oats with bacon and a fried egg – those farm fresh eggs really taste so much better to me!  Breakfast comes in at 315 calories, 15 fat, 17 protein, 27 carbs and 4 fiber.


This is so filling – too bad you can’t see the hot sauce, I hadn’t mixed it in yet, but trust me, it was there!  So in planning my menu yesterday, I didn’t do my normal grocery shop, but I think if I am creative enough (sorry Tony!) I can get away with what we have in the house – it could be interesting!!  So I like to call my lunch “leftover wrap.”  It was 3 ounces of my chicken from last night, a sautéed red pepper, pickled jalapenos, 1/2 ounce fresco cheese, celery and carrots, using the last of one container of cottage cheese.  I actually scooped the cottage cheese into my celery and it was really good!  And a small apple on the side I ended up eating late in the afternoon.



And of course, my cottage cheese was spiked with Tabasco!


So this afternoon I was trying to figure out what I had at home that could become dinner.  I ended up making burgers with yucca chips.  You are probably thinking, yucca chips?   They are sold in my ethnic grocery store – the inside is hard like a potato, but the skin is almost like tree bark, which is not edible.   Yucca is also an excellent source of iron.  Looks kind of ugly from the outside!



Peeled and sliced – they took about 10 minutes to cook – we noticed that some of the thicker cuts were just a tad chewy on the inside, but the skinny ones were really good!  And I cooked them all in one batch!


Tony noticed we had avocados we forgot to make guacamole out of yesterday, so that made the perfect dip for the chips!  I love guacamole, I still kick myself that I didn’t even try avocados until 5 years ago!


I had leftover pasta salad and cucumbers from yesterday too as side dishes.  I had just the cucumbers.


My burger ended up being 3 ounces cooked – on a light Wonder whole wheat white bun.  I had about 3 ounces of the guacamole, 10 yucca chips and cucumbers.


My friend Renee brought me a huge zucchini – look at how big it is!  Dinner comes in at 560 calories, 35 fat, 27 protein, 36 carbs and 11 fiber!


I don’t like to eat these when they are this big, but they are perfect to shred for breads and muffins.  In fact, as soon as it cools down in the next couple weeks, I have an amazing death by chocolate zucchini muffin that is out of this world – and figure friendly!

Stats for the Day:

  • 1307 calories
  • 62 fat
  • 90 protein
  • 107 carbs
  • 29 fiber 😀
  • 45 minute walk with my friend at lunch
  • possibly another trip to the gym with Hannah tonight – I haven’t decided yet!
  • 30 minute hill climb on the spin bike! 😀

Hope everyone survived their Monday – see you tomorrow night! 😀