I had to laugh at all the comments yesterday about my voice having an accent AND that I sound young – I’ll take the young comment anytime, but I don’t think I have an accent at all – just everyone else in the country. Open-mouthed smile  I promise to have a real VLOG of me up soon! Open-mouthed smile

It was a taco kind of day for me.  First up was breakfast tacos – two extra thin Mission corn tortillas (love these things!), egg beaters, 2 ounces steak, spinach, cheese and roasted red pepper and red cabbage for crunch.  Gotta love that this whole plate of food is only 357 calories!

7.16 001

7.16 002

When I got in the car to go to the gym, holy hot cakes!

7.16 017

It was a perfect day for the outdoor pool.  Sadly, 15 minutes into my swim they blew the whistle and had a 15 minute safety check and chemical check.  So I ended up finishing in the indoor pool.

7.16 019

I took a picture of the slide because I want to slide down it, but have chickened out.  I am not with an kids or anything – but it just looks so fun!

7.16 018

Lunch was more tacos! This time a flour tortilla, ground sirloin, more peppers and cabbage with brown rice and my stove top refried beans.  I added cilantro to the second half of this batch – so good!

7.16 013

Since it was so hot, I didn’t want to stand outside grilling, or turn on the oven, so the deep fryer stepped in – two chicken wings, some carrots and ranch dip with a few fries on the side.  I loves me some chicken wings!  Sadly I am out of Frank’s wing sauce – waahhh! 

7.16 026

After dinner I had a chance to Face Talk with my daughter Hannah – I love the technology that we can talk and see each other on our phones!  She’s been busy working, but she’s having a fun summer too going to Ohio Street beach in Chicago with friends.

7.16 001

And then it was time for Day 46 of Insanity – thankfully it was Max Recovery, but it was still tough – think slow strength moves.

7.16 003

Do you know of Talia?  She’s a 13 year old girl who was an Honorary Cover Girl because of her YouTube videos about wearing makeup.  I think she had something like 14 million views. 

Even faced with two different kinds of cancer, she kept going, making more videos, because she didn’t know how long she had to live.  She had a bucket list and kept adding to it.

bucket list

I love the fact that she has things like going to Aruba, making her own lipstick and then also deep cleaning her room!  And I thought it was cute that she wanted to have a “bomb” fire at the beach.

Sadly, she lost her battle yesterday.  You can see her video of her on Ellen here.  This originally aired in September 2012.


I love that when asked how she handles what’s happening to her she said “a little fishy told me, just keep swimming.”  I think this analogy can be applied to anything in your life that is hard.  Whether that’s getting up the courage to sign up for a 5k, walking one more turn around your block, or making healthy food choices, or maybe it’s just even getting started?

If you are healthy, I hope that video gets you to move a little more, do a little more and push yourself out of your comfort zone.  JUST KEEP SWIMMING!  You never know how long you’ve got in this life.

Stats for the Day:

  • 1680 calories, 82 fat, 130 carbs, 18 fiber, 106 protein
  • 31% of calories from carbs, 44% from fat, 25% from protein
  • 30 minute swim at lunch
  • 40 minute Max Recovery

Me? I’ll be going down the slide today. Open-mouthed smile And while I can’t cross off much on her bucket list, I can certainly buy flowers and give them to a stranger. 

Are you going to keep swimming today?