It was better pickings at the CSA today – 2 big pints of blueberries!  I am going to try making a whole wheat blueberry muffin with some of them.  What’s your favorite blueberry dish?


Look at how giant that cabbage is!!  I am going to try and make homemade sauerkraut with it – I am not a big fan of raw cabbage.  I did pick up some of the “carrot bites” as they are called, just because its funny how tiny they are!


See what I mean!  There are some bigger ones in the bunch, probably to toss with salads in the week.  It was nearing lunch time by the time we ended up at the farm, so we (me) decided on wings!  While my lunch comes in at around 580 calories, it was both breakfast and lunch, so I am not going to worry about it – and I may hit up the gym with Hannah when she gets home from work if she isn’t too tired.


These are not breaded at all, and I asked for the sauce on the side – I probably only used about a tablespoon of sauce on the whole order – I tried a new one – Blazin Asian – so good!


They have the “wall” sauce, which I tried only once.  I asked for it on the side, and she brought a tablespoon out on a paper plate – I took one bite and couldn’t feel my tongue!  By the time we left, the sauce almost “ate” through the paper plate.  And to get your picture on the wall, you have to eat 16 of them – with no drink!  I think about 100 pictures were on the wall!


I just tried to make kohlrabi chips in my deep fat fryer – um, they didn’t turn out too good!  Back to the drawing board on kohlrabi – not sure I’ll ever find a recipe that will make me like it!

Off to make grilled tomatillo salsa to have on hand, and making the whole wheat bread – it only needs to rise 30 minutes!  I may not post until tomorrow, because tonight is CRAB FEST at our neighbors.  About 3 – 4 times a year we alternate buying king crab legs and just go crazy – I think we buy between 8 – 10 pounds for 4 people!  Well, their son is good for at least one leg – Hannah on the other hand will be eating hot dogs!