This is going to be a super quick post.  Hannah, Jacob and I went out to dinner last night, and this morning I have the second of six doctors appointments to see if I am a candidate for a year long diabetes clinical trial.  Thank goodness I can type fast!

With temps in the mid-40s when I woke up I knew I couldn’t hit the snooze button.  I did a quick 20 minute walk around the neighborhood for just under 3,000 steps.  It was a bit misty, but not too bad.

12.16.15 006

I made dinner rolls over the weekend.  Hannah is my carb lover through and through and when I told her I was making beef stew for dinner she said “did you make bread to dip into the gravy?!”  I don’t have time to post the recipe right now, but I will soon, because they are ready from beginning in 60 minutes, with little hands on time.  What’s great about them is that if there are leftovers, you can have breakfast sammies the next day!

12.16.15 014

By the time my lunch time walk rolled around, it was absolutely gorgeous.  50 degrees – blue skies and big puffy clouds.

12.16.15 017

It was a tad windy!  I was texting with my brother and sister during my walk and my brother was like “where ARE you?!”  It’s literally a farm across the street from my office, but they won’t sell to developers so it’s just wide open spaces.   (While you are at it, go check out my brothers latest post!)

12.16.15 021

And, um, did you check out my snowman sweater?!  #love

I had leftovers from my lunch out with my friend Frank on Monday.  There was no protein left, so I used yet more of the leftover chopped ribs from the weekend.  I also added some carrots, green cabbage and while on my walk I picked up a side of szechwan green beans to round out my lunch.  So good!

12.16.15 028

My store had a meat sale on Saturday, so I just picked up the stuff that was on sale, but I didn’t truly meal plan this week.  While I was driving home I was thinking of what I could make, and what I actually had a taste for was a burger.  I texted Hannah and Jacob and they gave my idea two thumbs up.

The Tracks in Cary is a bar/restaurant that is literally steps from the Metra Rail station in our town.  It always has such good food, and I thought it wouldn’t be too crowded on a Wednesday night, but we actually had to wait about 10 minutes for a table.  Worth the wait!  Not only that – Wednesday is $1 domestic draft night.  Cannot remember the last time I had a bud light out of plastic cup!  It brought me back to the time when my sister and I worked quarter beer night back in the day at the bar we worked at.  It used to piss me off when people ordered 20 beers at a time because they’d be piss warm by the time they finished them.  I just remember hating cleaning up the sea of spilled beer those nights!

12.16.15 042

12.16.15 043

The Chicago Heat burger was the winner.  I’ve eaten here dozens of times before but I’ve never gotten a burger before.  Why the fuck did I wait so long?!  Mom, next time you come up here I’ll have to take you here.

12.16.15 050

Yep – that is ONE burger.  The burger was cooked perfect medium rare and super flavorful and juicy.  Soft pretzel bun – perf.  A bit too generous on the onion straws, so I mostly brushed those to the side and ended up eating barely half of the burger.  As stuffed as I was after eating what I did, I immediately started thinking “I wonder how I can make the leftovers into breakfast?!”

Sadly, I have to wait for breakfast this morning – fasting blood work again and I get a new blood test meter and log that I have to use for the next five weeks in place of the one I already own.   But I will find a way to use up the leftovers!  #leftoverqueen

Happy Thursday – two more days til the weekend – are you done with all your holiday shopping?  I am about 90% done, but we aren’t getting together with my sister and her family and my Mom until the Sunday after Christmas so I am waiting to hit up the after Christmas sales.  The stores probably won’t be busy at all.  Ha!

Make it a great day!