I got up to get some water this morning and I heard my phone beeping, it was Hannah!  We pick her up today from her vacation – she’s had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to see her.  She doesn’t have good phone reception in the mountains, so we’ve just been texting a few times this last week – I think its the longest I’ve not talked to her since she was born!

Tony and I had such a nice day yesterday!  After our chores we went to the bar that was rebuilt and we were blown away!  It is absolutely gorgeous and looks like it could be a downtown Chicago bar!!  Mind you, we live in a small town and this bar is grandfathered in – had the walls not held up in the fire it would be an empty lot!

I started with a Blue Moon – one of my favorites, then switched to Genuine 64, which kind of tastes like water after blue moon!  We then came home and since I didn’t feel like doing anything fancy, just brought different sliced cheeses and shrimp cocktail for our appetizer:


When I cleaned out our beer fridge I realized I had my whole container of peppers I never did anything with!  I got all these peppers for $1



I sprayed them with Pam grilling spray and cooked them along side the steak:


And then just let them cook until charred – I plan on making a roasted pepper soup today for my lunches this week – I keep the burnt part, but remove the seeds and stem – the char lends a smokey flavor to the soup!



The steak was so good – a tad on the rare side though! 😀

Then we sat outside and watched the Sox win – it was a perfect night – on the cool side, no wind – happy we were in the gazebo to keep those pesky misquitos out!


As I was sitting outside, I looked at my daisy plant – I have to remember not to try to grow things – every plant that comes to my house dies!


Off to make some coffee – I have to double check what time Hannah’s flight gets in too – see you later!