Shrimp Salad with Honey Jalapeno Dressing


Cals Fat Carb
10 ozCouscous: Cooked 318 0.5 66
3 ozShellfish, Fresh: Shrimp, cooked, moist heat 84 0.9
1 serving, 4 spears, 1/2″ base (2.1 oz)Vegetables, Fresh: Asparagus, boiled, drained, no salt added 13 0.1 3
2 ozDole: Salads: Fresh Organics, Baby Spinach 23 6
1 serving, 10 strips (1 oz)Vegetables, Fresh: Peppers, bell or sweet, green, raw, edible portion 5 0 1
1½ serving (1 oz)Trader Joe’s: Cheese: Feta, Fat-Free, Crumbled 53 2
1 lime yields (1.3 fl.oz)Fruit Juices: Lime, fresh 10 0 3
1 tablespoon (0.7 oz)Honeys: Plain 64 17
3 teaspoon (0.2 oz)Grey Poupon: Spreads: Mustard, Dijon 15
1 fl.ozCastella: Oils: Olive, Greek Extra Virgin 237 28
1 pepper (0.8 oz)Vegetables, Canned: Peppers, jalapeno, solids & liquids 6 0.2 1
1 serving (1.1 oz)Wild Oats: Vegetables, Packaged: Sliced Garlic & Whole Garlic Cloves, bottled 8 1
Total: 835 29g 100g

I used calorie king to figure out how many calories were in this dish – it makes two servings, so each generous serving is about 417 calories, 15.2 fat, 21 protein, 49 carbs and 4.5 fiber.

The dressing that I stole borrowed was from Heidi at, although I did leave out the sugar and I used chopped pickled jalapenos in the dressing, and I cut the amount of olive oil to 1 ounce for the whole recipe.

I didn’t “dress” the salad until just before lunch, so all the vegetables are still bright and crisp.

68 001

another keeper!
another keeper!

Since Hannah cleaned out my fridge I used all the ingredients I already had on hand to put this together – thanks again Hanners!  She’s actually spending the day at my mom’s before work to help her with her garden – she’ll be tired tonight!

I am going to keep this recipe in mind when I start getting my CSA basket in July and may need to use up a lot of veggies – I can’t wait until I get my first veggie box – not until July 11 though!

I did not get to work out at lunch again today – why does work have to get in the way??!!  

When I went shopping with my Mom on Sunday, I ended up spending $55.00 of my $125 weekly budget.  I am not counting my imprompu grocery shop on Sunday night for when my Mom and Joe stayed over – last night I spent $13.20.  I expect to pay about $8 for our steak tonight, otherwise I have everything else, which leaves me $48.80 for three more dinners. 

I think my mom doesn’t believe me when I tell her I pretty routinely stick to under $125 a week because she said to me Sunday: “I’ll tell you one thing my dear, you all sure eat well!”

Back to the grind, come on back tonight for Maryland Crabcakes and Steak with Bernaise Butter.