We were going to have our first bonfire of the season last night, but it was a bit windy.  Cool weather has hit our neck of the woods – our high today is only going to be in the mid-50’s!  I absolutely love this weather though 😀

I used the rest of my momo dough to make another egg beater, mozzarella cheese and baby spinach breakfast pizza.

I talked earlier in the week about losing my exercise mojo.  I counteracted that by almost going overboard on my bike ride the day after I wrote that post.  So yesterday, I did not feel like working out.  At all.  But I did! 😀

I did 40 minutes on the elliptical and 5 minutes of abs on the ball.  I was so happy with myself!  But then I drive right by McDonald’s on my way back to the office, and I swear to God I heard “Biz, you really want a quarter pounder with cheese, no onions!”   I didn’t want to eat the lunch I brought.  But I did! 😀

Leftover Dal soup and a big salad with peppers, apples, light Parmesan dressing – I know it looks like a lot of dressing, but its only 30 calories a tablespoon.

turns out I like a lot of cracked pepper 😀

So my regular readers know that I like to make pizza every Friday night.  I love a cripsy crust, but after last weeks pizza, Tony turned to me and said “just once I wish I didn’t have a crispy pizza!”  I have yet to make a crust that he likes 🙁  He described the crust as being slightly thick, both with a little crunch and chew.  We decided to order a pan pizza so I could see what he is talking about and try to recreate it.

This is the pizza we got – a sausage pan pizza – I diced up hot gardiniera on mine 😀

The verdict? I loved it.  I didn’t eat the back crust (just way too many carbs – the dog loved it though!).  How about Tony?  Hated it.  He only had one slice.  It was too much dough for him.  So, I think next week we will actually be ordering from Pizza Hut!

So since I am not moving to the next round of Project Food Buzz, I’d like to congratulate my foodie friends who did make it to the next round!  I’ll be voting for you on Monday! 😀

  • Mara of What’s For Dinner?  I’ve actually met Mara in person – we discovered she works in the town next to where I live!  And she’s coming close to her one year wedding anniversary!
  • Mary of Foodo del Mundo.  Mary is another local – she lives in Chicago and makes the best food, and is an awesome photographer.  I’ve made her Belmont Sauce for burgers before and hopefully this weekend will make her Reuben Chowder!
  • Shannon of Tri to Cook.  Shannon is a triathlete, doctor, and tries tons of recipes – one of her recipes even won her a trip to last years Foodbuzz Festival!
  • Christo of Chez What?  He is one of the most creative food bloggers I go to on a regular basis – he makes stuff I’ve never even heard of!
  • Sophia of Burp and Slurp.  And Sophia – love her energy, I really have no idea how she does everything – from taking 18 credit hours in college, writing on her school paper, her church groups AND cooking and blogging – I believe she may only sleep two hours a day! 😀
  • Natasha of 5 Star Foodie.  I believe everyone knows Natasha, if for nothing else than her gorgeous photographs!  I’ve loved reading about her summer trip to Europe and I’ve been lucky enough to win a giveaway she had – a whole box of bagel chips! 😀

    Good luck to everyone!  What’s on tap for today?  Tony and I are headed out to breakfast, then running some errands.  I hope to be Bizzy in my kitchen today too – I have pumpkin scones on my list of things to make, and I think our cool weather screams for some homemade bread! 😀

    Enjoy your Saturday!