It’s overcast and rainy, which made me stay in bed until the last second!  But within 25 minutes I was able to shower, make my breakfast, put my lunch together, fold a load of laundry, feed the dog and get out the door – not too bad!

I have to give Hannah props for finding the bagels that are so good!  She did find them at Walmart, and in the bread aisle, not the freezer aisle.  Thanks Hanners!

My breakfast this morning – one healthy crunch bagel, 2 ounces of shredded zucchini mixed in with 1/2 cup egg whites and 1 ounce 75% reduced cheddar cheese, 1/2 fuji apple with 2 tablespoons PB2.

Kind of a blurry pic!  397 calories, 6.7 fat and 57 carbs
Kind of a blurry pic! 397 calories, 6.7 fat and 57 carbs

Spoiler Alert – Biggest Loser Finale!

First of all, I could barely recognize Jerry when he came out – just goes to show that anyone at any age can lose weight if you put the effort into it. 

And while I still am not thrilled that Helen kicked her daughter to the curb earlier in the season, she does look amazing!  And my friend told me that her husband is in jeopard of losing his job in the car industry, so these winnings will take some of that burden away!

And the “season” is way longer than is portrayed on t.v.   Their first official weigh in was on September 20, 2008, so that makes it 234 days from that first day to weigh in, or 33 1/2 weeks.  Taking Helen’s 140 pound weight loss, averages to 4.2 pounds lost per week over that period of time.

Of course, the real question is once they get back into their real lives, how long it will actually last.  Case in point, Matt and Suzy Hoover.  Granted, she’s had two kids, but she’s gone from a size 6 at the finale, to a size 14, and Matt’s waistline went from a size 32 at the finale to a size 36. 

One day, I would love it if they could do an “at home” biggest loser show.  Taking into account having a full time job, taking care of kids, grocery shopping, cleaning house, etc. AND figuring out how to eat right and get the exercise in – that is the true test!

Morning break is over – come on back for Grilled Italian Beef on Rye with mystery soup!