I thought it was a genius idea to choose leftovers as this weeks BSI – thanks for hosting this week Dave!

I had another breakfast pizza for breakfast, except when I got to work, I forgot an egg for the top!

So I think I am pretty good using leftovers.  I recently made yankee pot roast soup with a leftover roast.   When I looked in my fridge, only one thing jumped out to me. . . macaroni and cheese!

I chopped up some carrots:

Some zucchini:

I had four cups of chicken broth in a pot and added the veggies until they were crisp tender.

I added parsley, salt, pepper, a splash of Tabasco and Italian seasoning

Add the macaroni and cheese for the last five minutes or so – you don’t want to overcook the macaroni and cheese otherwise the noodles will be over cooked and gummy.

I think I made comfort food just a bit more comfortable! 😀

I got home from work – it was so nice outside Tony and I hung outside for a while.

I love him!

I had my last pumpkin ale – I really love this one – its not overly pumpkiny.

I went over to my friends house last night for a Partylite demonstration.  Have you ever been to one?  I actually ended up buying a couple food items (shocking!) and one Halloween candle.  My friend is an amazing cook, and when she asked if I was coming I asked “did you make buffalo chicken dip?”  Her answer was yes, so I was there!

this is a crack dip its so good!

And I may have had a few of these too:

Stats for Friday:

  • I have no idea how many calories I had!
  • 45 minute walk at lunch

Thanks to Christina for sending me a coupon for a free bottle of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce – its getting to be Chex Mix time!  Do you make Chex Mix for the holidays?  It’s also Christina’s birthday – go on over and wish her a great day!

Happy Saturday!