Yeah, that’s right – me!   I got up at 6:25, was out the door by 6:40 (after letting the dog out and saying goodbye to Hannah) and I got to the gym.  Now, this gym does not have spin classes, but they do have a spin bike.  I ended up alternating between 5 minutes of sprints to 5 minutes of hill climbs for 45 minutes!

I need to find some spinning playlists for my iPod, because I kept skipping songs until I found the right one with the right cadance.  Any suggestions on where to look?

This mornings breakfast was an egg white sammie on a light Italian bun.  I slightly melted 1 ounce of goat cheese and spread that on both the top and bottom of the bun, with .8 ounce deli ham, 1/2 cup egg whites, Tabasco 😀  and light bun.  Breakfast comes in at 270 calories, 11 fat and 19 carbs.

I love how 35 calories of egg whites makes this sammie huge!!
I love how 35 calories of egg whites makes this sammie huge!!

So day 7 of 30 of shred is planned for lunch.  I can’t wait to show you my lunch – my whole wheat cottage cheese spaghetti squash spinach mozzarella cheese lasagna turned out SO GOOD!  And 1/2 of a bread loaf pan (huge!) comes in at 433 calories!

On BSI news, Marianne from French Fries to Flax Seed has picked COCONUT as the BSI ingredient this week!  So many different directions this can go in to, both sweet and savory!

Morning break is over – see you at lunch!