That was my blood sugar!  I knew something was up when I was reaching to fix my food that my hands were shaking pretty badly and I start to sweat – not a pretty picture!

Luckily I munched on an apple I had at my desk to quickly bring it up and it worked.  😀

I know its only been two days in a row – but I am so happy I worked out!  After watching Biggest Loser I really realized that I don’t push myself anywhere near what they do – hence my inability to lose these 30 pounds I am carrying around!

So today I did 30 minutes of elliptical on hill climb up to level 16 and I really worked hard on that – then I did sprints on the exercise bike for 10 and then 5 mintues of much needed stretching after my lunges yesterday.  Go me!

Before I worked out I cooked my spaghetti squash in the microwave for 10 minutes, and then just left it on the counter while I worked out.  When I got back I just mixed the squash with leftover marinara from last night and 1 ounce of shrimp, 1 ounce of Italian sausage and the last two slices of my beloved Panera sesame semolina bread with 1/2 tablespoon Smart Balance Light:

Lunch (with the apple :D ) comes in at 389 calories, 10 fat and 54 carbs
Lunch (with the apple 😀 ) comes in at 389 calories, 10 fat and 54 carbs

Okay, lunch break is over – come back tonight for Bacon Marinated Pork Roast and Mystery Potatoes!