Got out of bed and went swimming this morning??!!

Part of our summer membership at the park district by our office includes lap swim from 6 to 8 a.m.  I was meeting my friend this morning at 6:30, so when the alarm went off at 6, I knew I had to get going – what a great motivator knowing she was waiting for me!

Neither of us are great swimmers, so we actually swam in the deep end, not the actual swim lanes – we looked on with envy as these people swam like they were on a swim team!  But we had our paddle boards and probably did at least 20 laps in 30 minutes.   At one point I was doing the back stroke and looking at blue skies and birds flying by – what an awesome way to start the day!

Breakfast yesterday was my good ole egg sammie with watermelon. Breakfast comes in at 398 calories, 42 carbs, 25 protein, 16.4 fat and 3 fiber.

I did 35 minutes on the elliptical machine while watching Rachael Ray again.  She made this delicious (well, it looked good!) lemon garlic sirloin tip recipe that I definitely want to recreate.

Lunch was a 6 ounce baked new potato with a cup of my buffalo chicken chili with an ounce of cheese – this was so filling!  Lunch:  566 calories, 68 carbs, 28 protein, 21 fat and 13.1 fiber.

So you may remember I had baked fish and chips on the menu.  The more I thought about it, the more I decided to fry them.  One tip for crispy fries was to soak them in water at least an hour or overnight.  I cut mine up yesterday morning and they sat on the counter all day.

I lost a few that weren’t completely submerged:

Then I did a simple beer batter: 1 cup flour to 1 can beer, salt, pepper and Old Bay seasoning.

The verdict?  Underwhelming. You have to cook the fries first at 320 to blanch them, then cook them a second time at 375.   It took me 50 minutes to make that plate above!  Between waiting for the deep fryer to get to temperature, I was almost embarrassed to serve this dinner. 🙁  Guess they all can’t be winners!

Stats for Tuesday:

  • 1453 calories, 168 carbs, 92 protein, 46 fat and 19.8 fiber
  • 35 minutes on elliptical

I still have 25 minutes before I have to leave for work – happy hump day!