Hannah and I have clearly decided that we much prefer baby spinach to curly spinach.  So with a fresh bag in the fridge, and leftover bread I decided to make pizza for lunch.  Only one problem – I didn’t bring flour or have a rolling pin to roll out the dough!  But having a kitchen at work that has a wine chiller (for work parties) I took an opened bottle of pinot grigio (who knows how long that’s been in there!) and sprayed the bottle with Pam and it worked out just fine!


I used 3 ounces of dough, 1/4 cup pizza sauce, 1 ounce of mozzarella cheese and a handful of baby spinach.  All the while people were heating their frozen dinners around me!  I should start taking orders!
And now I am enjoying a fresh baby spinach salad with sliced cucumbers and carrots with a balsamic dressing – so fresh and flavorful!
I borrowed my Mom’s pressure cooker (not pressure fryer) to try to make Tony fried  chicken.  Has anyone ever attempted this before?  Is it okay to use oil in a pressure cooker?
So come on back tonight for Down Home Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes!