What a busy day, from the second I got up to go to the gym! til just sitting down now.  I got up when my alarm went off, which never happens!  I went to the gym where I did a 45 minute bike ride for just under 9 miles, all while reading so it went fast!

Work was non-stop, I did manage to eat at my desk though!

Breakfast was spicy oats ala Allison!  Although I just looked at hers and realized hers are WAY spicier than mine – so I give you my weak version with 1 fried egg and two pieces of bacon:  Breakfast comes in at 300 calories, 13 fat, 16 protein, 27 carbs and 4 fiber.


Although I had to reheat it twice before finishing it!  When I knew I could make a break for it, I brought one of the DVD’s with me from the library.  This one was a balance ball one:


That’s kind of what I look like!  Ha!  So I just put it in the dvd and it says “workout, express workout, extra abs.”  So I picked “workout.”  Guess what?  It was 50 minutes long!!  But I loved it!  It was cardio and strength – basically core.  Just when I thought I couldn’t go on, we’d do a stretch on the ball and go back at it.  I was one sweaty mess after that!  But I was energized for my afternoon of work!

Lunch was a slice of pumpernickel bread, 2 ounces deli roast beef, 1 ounce cheese (really melty!), 1 cup roasted pepper soup and a side salad:  Lunch comes in at 419 aloires, 20 fat, 27 protein, 27 carbs, 6 fiber.


So dinner tonight was a mix between an Eating Well and 30 Minute Meal recipe.  I combined them, but I haven’t figured out the whole recipe yet (that will be another post with specifics) but I deconstructed mine to figure out the calories:


My plate:

  • 4 ounces of scallops
  • 7 ounces cooked whole wheat pasta
  • 1 slice of cooked bacon, crumbled
  • a pinch of Parmesan cheese
  • 1 tsp. olive oil in the saute

465 calories, 10 fat, 39 protein, 56 carbs, 5.8 fiber  (this is just a close estimate – it may be a bit more, but with my exercise today, I am not going to worry about it!)

I cooked three pieces of bacon until crisp, removed to paper towel.  I used a paper towel to remove most of the oil, then sautéed 2 tsp. minced garlic for a couple minutes, then added 1/2 cup vegetable broth.  On the side I had 1 cup of water steeped with saffron, which I tossed in with the cooked pasta.  I tempered 1 egg yolk in 1/2 cup of the pasta water and added that at the end when I combined everything.  I left the bacon out so I could keep that to a minimum on my dish, and just sprinkled 1 piece on top. 

I thought it was really good, especially since I added crushed red pepper to my plate!

Stats for the Day:

  • 1185 calories
  • 44 fat
  • 82 protein
  • 112 carbs
  • 15 fiber
  • 45 minute bike ride for almost 9 miles
  • 50 minute balance ball dvd 😀

Now I am about to chillax!  Hope everyone had a good day – for the next week and a half work is really going to be busy, so I’ll probably only post at the end of the day.  See you tomorrow night! 😀