Thanks for all your well wishes!!  They must have worked!   While we were anticipating the whole needle in the knee, the doctor walked in and while Tony was waiting for the immense pain he was used to ensue (been down this road a few times!), it was all over!  Seriously, the drawing of blood hurt more than the needle in the knee!  But this guy isn’t the head of the whole Orthopaedic program for nothing!  He’s actually invented the artificial knee that will be going into Tony’s knee!  So that was a huge relief!

So from there we went to the heart doctor and now Tony needs to do a stress test on Friday and hopefully after that the heart doctor will give his blessing and get us one day closer to knee replacement!

In food news, the egg salad sandwich was “perfect” according to Tony!  The only thing I would have like to add is some lettuce, but we didn’t have any.   And the dreaded onion factor was not an issue.  That’s usually why Tony never gets it at a deli or restaurant because the rest of the onion loving world seems to think they are necessary!

No pics of lunch – I kind of ate here and there between waiting rooms and doctors offices.  But, I have to say, for the first time, I made perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs! 

are these perfect or what??
are these perfect or what??

So my chicken is marinating for the orange chicken, so come back tonight to check out Baked Orange Chicken with Stir-Fry Vegetables and Vegetable Egg Rolls!