Yeah!  I finally made a good chicken fried steak!  And it’s all thanks to RobinSue!   The only thing I didn’t have was as crispy a crust as I would have liked, but this was very tasty!  And cube steak is so cheap – I got 5 cube steaks for $3.97!

First I chopped the rosemary for my potatoes – I like a fine chop:

I LOVE the smell of fresh rosemary!
I LOVE the smell of fresh rosemary!

 Here’s how the tots look after a quick pan fry.  I had Hannah cook the potatoes in the microwave before I got home so they were fully cooked.  Just a quick splash of olive oil, salt and pepper finished them off:


Then I sliced up two zucchini into match sticks and did a quick pan fry with a touch of olive oil, garlic salt, pepper and a couple tablespoons of Parmesan cheese:


Then after I removed the zucchini, I dredged my cube steak into seasoned flour.  Now maybe I should have done a double dip to get a thicker crust, or maybe my pan wasn’t as hot?  Still good though!


here's how they look after cooking while I made the gravy
here's how they look after cooking while I made the gravy

All together – with my customary crushed red pepper sprinkled over top!  Seriously, crushed red pepper should be a condiment just like salt and pepper!


So check out the recipe at RobinSue’s blog – she gets all the credit!  There is nothing on t.v. tonight that interests us, so we are going to our DVR.  Does anyone watch Gordon Ramsey’s “F Word” on the BBC channel?   Check it out – you actually see the softer side other than what you see on America’s version of Hell’s Kitchen.   So we have some of those to watch so I am off to relax.  See you for breakfast!