is the breakfast place that Tony and I like to go.  It’s a running joke with Hannah, but whenever she’s not here, we tell her that we went out to breakfast, went to Big Lots (one of her favorite stores), then to thrift stores and last, but not least, to PetsMart to pick up tiny dogs!

So since Tony can’t get out to Mama Rini’s, I tried to recreate the experience at home.  First and foremost, there had to be corned beef hash!  This is THE BEST BRAND of canned corned beef hash – don’t pay for the generic, you’ll thank me later.


So I made hashbrowns, the corned beef hash, toast and one fried egg for Tony.  I wasn’t able to get the crispy side on the hash though – that’s what Mama Rini’s does so well!


I made myself a scramble – one egg, 1/4 cup corned beef hash, spinach, diced red pepper and a tablespoon of shredded swiss cheese:


Flashback:  My sister and I are starting 3rd grade.  Being twins, our parents thought it would be best if we were in separate classes because otherwise we would just be with each other all the time and not make new friends.  Being 1/2 hour older than my sister, I always felt it was my job to take care of her, and through the years, teachers were very accommodating to me – I’d raise my hand and say “can I just go check on my sister really quick?”  “Not now, but in a few minutes after we finish this section.”  Once released, I only had to walk across the hallway and peer in the door and see her.  That’s all I needed!

So my mom dropped me off to my classroom, then dropped Jennifer off at her room.  A couple minutes later my mom comes back in and pulls me aside.  She points to a new girl in the class “see that girl there?”   Then she takes me to my sister’s classroom and she points out another new girl in that class.  They were twins!  Now up until this point, my sister and I had never known any other twins.  They were dressed exactly alike, right down to their hair ribbons. 

My parents never dressed us alike, as they viewed us as two individuals, but our friends mom thought differently!  They had identical closets and everything!  I remember them asking us “you can wear different things?”  After they met us, my mom talked to their mom and only then began wearing different clothes.

In any event, its now 32 years later, and we are still friends!  We don’t see each other that often, but through email and phone calls we stay in touch.  But I think this is the longest we have not seen each other – one whole year!   So I am very excited for our lunch out today!

Hannah is dropping me off, as the restaurant is in a huge mall so she will shop – she has winter formal coming up and is looking for dresses.

See you later today!