I can say that truthfully, because it was a tie score 10 to 10!  We actually almost won – we were down10 to 3, then rallied and with bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth, no outs, we couldn’t get that last run in – so close!  I played a pretty good game too, and I have to admit that doing Jillian has helped me be more flexible for softball!  Looking forward to having Hannah play with us next week.

She’s already off to work, and I am in the process of making breakfast for me and Tony – maybe something with quail eggs! 

Last night we ended up ordering a pizza for dinner, since there wasn’t a whole lot of time before I left for my game:

thin crust bacon and sausage - need I say more??
thin crust bacon and sausage - need I say more??

I got this in the mail during the week


– in addition to my day 25 of 30 shred, I may do this tape sometime today too – its 40 minutes long (50 minutes if you count the warm up and cool down).   It kind of looks like it might rain today – bummer!   Our lawn desperately needs to be mowed for the first time, and I get to ride the riding mower!  That’s usually Tony’s job, but because of his knee, I get to do it – I think its a lot of fun, but I don’t do nearly as good a job as him, but it will look better no matter what I do!

Here are some good eats I saw this past week:

Amy at Dinners for a Year and Beyond  made a delicious looking Pork Roast – it has a raspberry hoisin glaze!

Mary at One Perfect Bite made garlic herb rolls that look like they could melt in your mouth!

Marie at Proud Italian Cook made eggplant rolatini – I don’t even like eggplant, but this looks amazing – I may try this recipe but use zucchini instead.

Megan of Megan’s Munchies made cookies from a muffin mix – great way to make cookies in a hurry and they look great!

Erica of Itzy’s Kitchen made an adapted version of Rachael Ray’s Hot and Col Sesame Noodles – Hannah would love this dish (and so ) would I!!

If you made some good eats that I missed this past week, send them my way and I’ll link to them next Saturday.

Off to finish making breakfast – I’ll post breakfast and lunch together today – rain rain, stay away today! 😀