It’s weird how you can be reading a food blog ( from someone in Cleveland talking about fresh salami from a company out of California, only to find out that a store less than a mile from my office where there is a gourmet store that sells the exact same salami mentioned in the blog!  Anxious to see how it tastes with the hubby tonight! 😀

Fra'Mani is the producer
Fra'Mani is the producer

  Also, the grocery store by my office also was selling these 10 for $10.

When my sister and I first started Weight Watchers, these were a huge part of our diet – but we could only get them by mail order and I think the minimum order was like 20 cookies so we would freeze them. 

We would eat the fruit and nut one because on the WW system back then, it was all about getting the highest fiber products to lower the points.  These ended up being 1 point each! 

But then we didn’t realize that 1/2 a cookie was a serving, and then there were some discrepancies with how the calories were calculated, so now, depending on what flavor you get, they are actually 6-7 points.  It just surprised me to see them in the store.  Each one is about 300 calories, so I plan on maybe adding 1/4 of one to oatmeals? 

I also got this salt.  Not exactly sure what I am going to do with it but it was only $2.85 and pretty so I said what the heck! 😀

And then I splurged on this Mexican vanilla extract.  They had a sample of it and it was AMAZING!  I will probably use sparingly in oatmeals or for other special desserts.

Don't you like the view from my office window of the parking lot!
Don't you like the view of the parking lot?!
Looking forward to the new Office tonight!